Lots of draft talk, what about free agency

We are now 3/4 the way thru the season and this team has done much better than most people expected. Because of our trade with the Raiders, I've heard an awful lot of draft talk. It got me thinking getting Carson off the books should give us more flexibility in free agency as well. Starting in 2013 we are going to have a cap minimum. Hopefully this off season they start working toward that cap minimum so we are not sitting there scrambling going into the 2013 season, having to spend a sh## ton of money on players who may not be worth it.

On offense, I'd ike to see us let Simpson, Caldwell, Livings, and Benson all walk. Livings I'm actually on the fence about because I think he could be a descent back up but I'd really like an upgrade and would like for us to focuss on resigning and/or extending Bobby Williams (two year deal), Andre Smith, Anthony Collins, and Andrew "baby " Hawkins.

On Defense, I'd like for us to resign and/or extend the entire defensive line, excluding Robert Geathers (IMO too expensive for what he brings to the table) and I'd like us to especially work out long term deals with Dunlap and Atkins. LB's - I'd like us to extend Howard and Lawson (I know we have Howard thru 2012 but I'd give him an extension). I'd cut Keith Rivers (eventhough I like him) just because I think you could sign Lawson for half the money and get just as much production, which would be a better value. I really do not see us bringing both of them back, although it would be nice therefore I'd like for us to spend the extra money on upgrades in other areas. I almost forgot, I'd definitely try and bring back Brandon Johnson as well. DB's - I'd absolutely resign Adam Jones, especially since we are not sure if Leon Hall will even be able to make a full recovery from his injury (I've heard it's a tough injury to fully recover from). I'd let Kelly jennings walk and I 'd cut Chris Crocker. I've gone back and fourth on Reggie Nelson (love him but he's so damn inconsistent), ultimately I'd try to resign him but wouldn't break the bank on in him.

By taking Carson, Rivers and Geathers off the books we should theoretically be able to target 2 or 3 big named free agents in 2012 .

# 1 target is Carl Nicks offensive guard for the Saints. They just signed there other guard to a huge deal last year and have Drew Breeze, Marcus Colsten and several other big name free agents to worry about this year as well.

# 2 target is La-Ron Landry SS for the Redskins, he's going to demand big money and it will be difficult to get him away for Washington, especially if we have to get into a bidding war with Daniel Snyder. Having said that,we should have plenty of extra money and a stud safety is someone I'm definitely willing to throw big money at in this division.

#3 target is an established # 2 WR. There are quite a few of them out there. I know a few of you on here have talked about drafting another WR, but with our offensive skill players already being so young, I'd almost prefer us to have at least one more veteran presence in the line up and I think this would be the perfect position spot to add a veteran. A couple of the names that come to mind are Pierrre Garcon, Robert Meachem, and Marcus Colston just to name a few who will be on the market next year

If we are able to land any of these targets and then address some of our other needs early in the draft, I think this team could really be sitting pretty for a while.

Lastly, I don't know if any of you noticed but Brandon Tate was not included. It's simply because IMO he should already be gone and off this team:)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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