New Carson Palmer rumors

For those who don't know, I live in Southern California, Orange County to be more specific. I coached baseball at the high school that Carson Palmer attended for 5 years (got to coach Mark Sanchez) from 2002-2006.

The head Varsity Baseball coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School when we were there was also a football coach and teacher and he had Carson in class and on the football team. He knows him pretty well, personally, and lived with Carson's parents for a couple of weeks recently while he was visiting the area (he moved out of state a couple of years ago). My older brother, who I used to coach with, still coaches baseball at another local high school and ended up having a pre-season game against this old coach of ours. They talked for a couple of minutes and, knowing that my brother and I are huge Bengals fans, he told my brother a couple of things that Carson's parents told him were frustrating Carson to the point that he wanted out of Cincinnati. They were surprising in the fact that they weren't things that they we all conjectured (Chad, Bratkowski, etc), but not surprising knowing Mike Brown. Here they are:


1.) He said that to his knowledge, most or all NFL teams have personal chefs, kitchens, cafeterias, etc. Carson apparently has said that the Bengals don't have these, but rather have ONE Gatorade jug in the locker room. If they lose, the Gatorade jug/machine (I'm not sure which) is taken away.

2.) He said that to his knowledge, most or all NFL teams have large, extravagant Christmas parties for players, coaches, staff and their significant others at a large venue/banquet hall. Ownership would pay for most of the cost for this event, while the atendees would MAYBE be responsible for a few gifts. Apparently, the Bengals do not have a Christmas party, but rather a small gathering at the Stadium (he actually phrased it "under the stands")-- which is impersonal and the players must buy the gifts and all chip in to cover the cost. Furthermore, Carson has, for a number of years, hosted his own team Christmas party and paid for it on his on because the team cheaps out of doing a proper party and he felt the obligation to do so.

3.) He is offended by the people of Cincinnati vandalizing his home and the lack of support he's received in the last few seasons, especially because of how the structure of the team is set up for failure.

4.) Because of the above three things, he's receiving family pressure to come back to the West Coast.


I'm sure that there are other bigger things that are bugging Carson as well. I'm sure his desire to be traded isn't relegated to just these relatively petty things, but I'm sure that they're things that bug him because no other team is run this way. So, take what you want from these things, but this is supposedly what Carson has been telling his parents. Thought you guys would like to hear it.


***UPDATE: A neighbor friend of mine, who is a native Cincinnatian and avid Bengals fan, works at a local gym in Southern Orange County. He is a nutritionist/personal trainer and said that Carson and Jordan came into the club this Monday. He spoke to Carson about his trade demand and he was calm and cool and just said "it's over" and "Either I'm traded or I'm retiring. That's it." He lightly pressured Carson to get some insight as to what is bugging him and Carson just said again, "it's over". Apparently, Carson is good friends with the manager of the health club. Not trying to be the National Enquirer here, but this is what's happening out here where Carson is from and suposedly this is straight from the horse's mouth. Thought you all would want to know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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