The Bengals Are One Whacked Out NFL Football Team (Free Carson)

A Bengals Fan Rant Part 1

What a strange team we have had especially the last 2 years. Going from 7-2 with a top tier Defense to Chris Henry passing, only winning 4 games  in 2010 to Carson willing to retire rather than return to Paul Brown Stadium.

We have one of the most stubborn and football challenged owners who is trying to compete with 31 other CEO's in a 10 BILLION dollar industry. Mike Brown has no shot. Of course there could be a miracle every so often but over time he will perform in the bottom 2% of all owners today. 

Last year we did well because our defense was well put together by Zimmer who was running on extra adrenaline fueled by his very heartbreaking loss off the field and his ability to have guys ready to step in that could hold things together not detracting anything from the defensive needs.

People forget how Carson lead the Bengals in 09  to some exciting comeback wins and was handing the ball off with the opposite hand and working with by far the worst wr/te combination of the last ten years. I don't even have to mention names or should I say DROP names here.

Lewis had to see what was going and how the field completely shrunk weeks 10 -17 and any team at anytime could shutdown our pass game simply by doubling or tripling Ocho. The entire time he could have put Simpson in and even before he got hurt Chase Coffman. How could it be worse ?

Marvin has a personnel change phobia.

This is how you lose ball games by getting out-coached. Marvin let everything slip away once Henry was gone. There was no other threat on the field opposite Chad anymore. Even with a stretch of 3 vs the worst teams in the NFL he just watched as the passing game suffocated eventually being vacuumed up to nothing.

This season the use of Scott and Benson was embarrassing. Again by doing nothing and keeping the broken record on he once again let the last good element of the Offense fall to last in the NFL. 

When things fall apart like they did from week 10 of 2009 it is not an alarm warning of a minor problem but a gaping disastrous one.

There are no check systems in place in this organization. Marvin should have been gone, but with Brown you don't have that safety net of a football brain turning the knobs at the right time.

With Mike Brown and Marvin running the off the field and game time decisions this franchise cannot compete.

The sad part is there has been some talent in and out of Cincinnati but it all goes to waste being used incorrectly.

Carson is making a statement. Even if you think he is not a top 10 QB you should respect what he is doing. Carson is making a statement to help the Bengals. By refusing to play he is no longer enabling Mike Brown. It is time for Mike Brown to wake up and make better decisions if he wants people that love the game to appreciate his brand.

Carson is making the right move and it is a win win especially for the fans and the future of the team.

Free Carson.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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