What about Ben Mauk?

So let's see if I get flamed on my first post on this site...

The guy is looking for a way into the NFL.  Why not as a backup (starter?) for the Bengals?

To Wikipedia!

Some snippets from the Wikipedia article:

High School National Records

Total Yards, Career 1st, 19,628 1999-2002 (17,364 passing, 2,264 rushing)

Total Yards, Season 1st, 7,928 2002 (6,540 passing, 1,388 rushing) 2nd, 6,727 2001 (5,770 passing, 957 rushing)

Total Yards, Per Game 1st, 528.5 2002 (7,928/15) 2nd, 448.5 2001 (6,727/15) 5th, 395.5 2000 (3,955/10)

Passing yards per game 1st, 436.0ypg (2002) 4th, 384.7ypg (2001)

Most Passing Attempts, Career 1st, 1,905 (1999-2002)

Most Passing Attempts, Season 1st, 674 (2001) 2nd, 669 (2002)

Most Passing Attempts, Per Game 4th, 44.9 2001 (674/15) 5th, 44.6 2002 (669/15)

Most Completions, Career 2nd, 1,095 (1999-2002)

Most Completions, Season 2nd, 413 (2002) 3rd, 369 (2001)

Most Completions, Per Game 3rd, 27.5 (2002) 9th, 24.6 (2001)

TD Passes, Career 2nd, 178 (1999-2002)

TD Passes, Season 2nd, 76 (2002) 12th, 60 (2001)

Passing Yards, Career 1st, 17,364 (1999-2002)

Passing Yards, Season 1st, 6,540 (2002) 2nd, 5,770 (2001) 57th, 3,936 (2000)



Was a starter for Wake Forest, busted his arm and ended up at UC.  Remember?

Because of Mauk's reconstructive surgery, it was doubtful that Wake Forest would let Mauk compete for playing time at Wake in 2007. He decided to take advantage of an NCAA rule, since rescinded, that allowed graduate students with remaining athletic eligibility to transfer and become immediately eligible.[1] Mauk chose the University of Cincinnati primarily because it was close to his hometown and new coach Brian Kelly was installing a spread offense similar to the one he ran in high school. The major question was whether his arm would improve enough to allow him to play.[2] For his part, Kelly was not sure whether Mauk could come back; he had the Bearcats' medical team contact the physicians who performed Mauk's surgery, and required that he pass a physical examination with emphasis on the throwing arm. Ultimately, Kelly decided to bring Mauk in, figuring that if nothing else, Mauk could serve as a mentor for the Bearcats' younger quarterbacks who would have to adjust to the spread offense.[1]

Mauk, who was named the starting quarterback over junior Dustin Grutza, was trying to lead the Bearcats to their first winning season in the Big East. The Bearcats jumped out ahead early, winning all five non-conference games. They then entered Big East play, with Mauk leading them to victories over Syracuse, UConn, USF, and Rutgers. Mauk and the Bearcats finished with a 10-3 overall record, capping their season and Mauk's college career with a 31-21 win over Southern Miss in the 2007 PapaJohn' Bowl in which Mauk threw for 334 yards and 4 TD's, becoming the game's MVP. This gave the Bearcats their first 10-win season since 1951, and virtually assured them a spot in the season-ending national rankings for the first time ever.[3]


Cincinnati Commandos

In his first season with the team (2010), he started 9 regular season games and threw for 52 touchdowns and 1631 yards, both league highs, capturing the CIFL MVP and CIFL Championship Game MVP awards as the Commandos went 11-1 and won the league championship.


I don't remember the guy having a cannon for an arm, but I do remember him being consistent, mobile, smart and accurate.  I think this is the kind of guy we need for the new WCO being brought in by Gruden. 



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