Finally, Some Common Sense in the Front Office?

At this point, all Bengals fans know about Carson Palmer's trade-or-retire demand, or else they've been living under a rock with the guys from the Geico commerical.

But today marks a turning point in our favorite franchise - one that I honestly didn't think I would see for quite some time: a front office decision that is best for the team???  The rumor on the street (per SI's Peter King) is that upon the completion of the CBA (all football fans have their fingers crossed right now for that one), Cincinnati will entertain offers for their franchise quarterback.  King is quoted as saying, "Talking to one Bengals official over the weekend, I was surprised to hear that whenever trades are allowed after the signing of a new CBA, the team will listen to offers for Palmer."

Let me start by saying I am and have always been a Carson Palmer fan.  Other fans I know, particularly of other teams, have been trying to convince we all along that he's done, he's not the same, he's not the future of our franchise anymore.  I have long laughed at their comments while memories of Carson running that no-huddle in 2005 flash through my mind, when analysts were calling him the next Peyton Manning.

But it's been a LONG TIME since 2005.  More importantly, we've seen A LOT OF LOSSES since those days.

When Carson first demanded a trade, I said good for him.  As I said, I have always been a Palmer fan, and I want to see him succeed.  I would much prefer it happen in Cincy than somewhere else in the league, but bottom line is, it's obviously not working here.  Something has to give.  We've had to watch a lot of football the last few years with J.T. O'Sullivan and Ryan Fitzpatrick taking snaps, and oh wasn't it a terrible sight to see.  On one hand, them running for their lives displayed that the problem wasn't entirely on the QB, the line up front obviously adds to that mix; but they wouldn't be in the game running like chickens with their heads cut off if Palmer was healthy in the first place.

But when the news came out that Palmer's demand was a trade-or-retire deal, and that Mike Brown's best response was "you are too important to our plans," I began to panic.

What did that tell me?

Carson Palmer was going to retire.  We were going to have NOTHING going into next season.  It's hard to look at Mike's sterling 2 winning seasons in 20 and think his "plans" line up with what Carson wants.

So what to do?  Obvious!  You trade Palmer!  It's not working as it is, sad but true.  I hate to see him go, but it's best for both parties.  If we trade him, we at least get SOMETHING.  Don't let him walk out the door for nothing.  If our franchise quarterback is done with us - and all indications say that he is - then why make things WORSE by not at least entertaining trade offers?

At long last, I swing by the Cincy Jungle to see the story that Cincinnati will listen.  Will they pull the trigger?  That's another story.  But at least we are not going to let the only legitimate player at the most important position on the roster walk out the door for nothing.  What do we get?  A 2nd round pick?  A lesser veteran from another team?  Of course, it all depends on the direction and timing of the CBA...but at least we won't be waking up to nothing the day Carson is officially no longer a Bengal.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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