Defense, Defense, Defense..... wins championships!!!

The NFL draft has become more and more of a media spectacle. Every year the draft becomes more dramatic and entertaining than the last. ESPN does a great job of making the draft more than what it is. Each team has a particular way of scouting players and stick to it each year. Please keep this in mind, when it comes to the 2011 NFL draft, our biggest need is on defense.

My Defense (pun intended) in my conclusion:

Much of the attention has gone to the QB or WR position, but in reality these position will benefit the Bengals the most when drafting in the first round:

1.    Patrick Peterson CB/FS: If we can’t sign Joseph back then will have a solid CB for the future. If we do sign Joseph back, we will have a solid FS for the future. Seems to me, a win/ win situation. This guy is gifted and would be a significant difference maker as DB. He has speed and size. Something that we need in AFC north to match up against TEs and bigger WRs.

2.    Marcell Dareus DT: Point blank, we need a disruptive defensive tackle to put pressure on the QB and RB. And will free up our young DEs.

3.    Nick Fairley: See above. Also, he is somewhat of a “dirty player” and the Bengals may benefit from that in the AFC North.

4.    Von Miller LB: If none of the above are available, we should get the best value at the number four spot if we don’t trade down. Von Miller will simply make our LB group young and elite.

The speculation of drafting a QB in the first round is ridiculous. There are several different reasons why it won’t happen. If Carson Plamer is truly serious about retiring, if he is not traded, drafting a QB in the first round will give him the advantage.  Guaranteeing millions of dollars to another QB will only make it easier for Carson to leave because Carson simply has to show up to camp and the team will have bigger problems than they do now. When there is a QB controversy it adds more pressure to the head coach on who to start and the team may get divided. This will make Carson trade value go down and may even allow him to get cut. Also, there will be too much money going towards one position, something I don't see Mike Brown allowing. The logically scenario, take the best available QB in the second round. Pick up the best available veteran QB in free agency and let them battle it out to start the season. And if Carson insists on not coming back to Cincy, trade him to a team that will guarantee a highest draft pick the Bengals can get. This may give the Bengals another chance to get a franchise QB in Andrew Luck. Luck would be worth the pick and money. One thing to always keep in mind, “who runs the show”. That would be Mr. Grinch, AKA Mike Brown. Brown will not allow the player to demand something and get it. So, he will carefully think out a way he wins. Right now, owners have way more power than players.

AJ Green wouldn’t be the worst pick and would probably work out. But in my opinion, the Bengals defense has the bigger needs in certain areas and I think would make more sense to address them first. If somehow we get Carson back and the Bengals felt like they needed a WR. There are quite of few veteran WR to choose that have the capability of AJ Green. Cough, cough, Plaxico Burress, wink, wink. Please remember, “Defense wins championships! “

P.S. Bengals fan for life!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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