Chad Ochocinco Unimpressive in MLS Practice Game

KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 23: Chad Ochocinco begins tryout with Sporting Kansas City on March 23, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

After playing in an Major League Soccer practice game for Sporting Kansas City, his venture into the world of professional soccer may finally be coming to an end.

USA Today's Arin Karimian reported that Ochocinco "isn't ready to swap his shoulder pads for shin guards anytime soon."

Ochocinco played half of the second period and the entire third, primarily at the right wing position, where coaches could make use of his speed and his powerful right leg.

Ochocinco played a more withdrawn role in the second period before joining the attack on several possessions in the third period. On his first touch in the final half-hour session, Ochocinco did well to control the ball before dribbling down the wing, executing a nice turn and leading a teammate with a nice pass along the sideline. Sporting scored a goal moments later, but Ochocinco wasn't involved on the play.

Here is the final scouting report on Ochocinco's soccer performance, according to Karimian:

• Looks awkward on the field and appears slow reading the game.

• Extremely dependent on his right foot; little ability or desire to use his left.

• Failed to show any of his speed.

• Very few runs off the ball and doesn't make himself available as an outlet for teammates. Looked disinterested for the most part.

• Tentative on defense and when challenging for the ball.

• A couple of positives are his ability to shield the ball and that he has a winger's mentality -- despite his skill level. He's not afraid to dribble and take on a defender. His football background allows him to do an adequate job of protecting the ball and keeping possession with a defender on his back.

Maybe Ochocinco knew that his tryout with the Kansas City MLS team was coming to an end because when his team scored a goal, Ochocinco didn't celebrate with his teammates, which is ironic considering that celebrating is part of the reason most NFL fans know his name.

However, Ochocinco still enjoyed his time with Sporting Kansas City, and he tweeted that he'll never forget it.

Words can't express how awesome it was to be on the pitch with @SportingKC , This day will never day be forgotten. (Cool story 4 heaven)less than a minute ago via Seesmic for Android

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