Cincy Jungle Mock Round 2 - The Oakland Raiders Select...

For pick No. 48 pick in the second-annual Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, NoodleXV selected for the Oakland Raiders, who have the standard three picks available.  Here is the pick...

With pick No. 48 pick in the 2011 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Oakland Raiders select...

Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

So, in order to immerse myself in all things Silver and Black; I made a trip to Oakland to see if I could pick the brain of Raiders owner Al Davis. I told him who I was and why I was there. He asked if I would dance while he threw nickels at me which I agreed to do. After I collected $2.65 I was offered a job (in title only) as part of the draft team. Here’s how it went down:

I was told by Mr. Davis that we would select Usain Bolt with our first-round pick. I explained to him that our first pick was traded away to the Patriots for Richard Seymor. He said: "huh, well then who has the fastest 40 time in combine history?" I told him I thought it was Chris Johnson. He said: "good – we’ll draft him." I said: "Sir, he was already drafted… in 2008." He said: "Well then that bolt guy, is he still there?" I said yes, but he doesn’t play football. To which he replied "Yeah, but he’s fast though, right?" I said yes he was fast. I then asked if he thought we should address the trouble on the offensive line, or the departure of the shut down corner back Nnamdi Asomugha, or the uncertainty surrounding the tight end position, or even quarterback for that matter. He said: "No Bolt is fast – he even sounds fast, we’ll draft him.


Obviously I couldn’t let the Raiders select Usain Bolt, no matter how fast he is. So I erased the name on the card that I was given to hand over to the announcer and wrote in: Brandon Harris / CB / Miami. Not only does Harris fill a position of need for the Raiders he also has a Raiders swagger. Harris broke up 15 passes last year and had 6 tackles for loss. In coverage, receivers struggle to get separation, and he does well to shed blocks in run support. During position drills at the Combine Deion Sanders said Harris was the best corner he saw on the field. The U has consistently produced a number of good defensive backs, Duane Starks, Phillip Buchanon, Antrel Rolle, and Kelly Jennings to name a few. I would expect Harris to follow in the footsteps of these predecessors.


Once Al Davis finds out we didn't draft Bolt I'll probably be fired, but I felt Harris is first-round talent and a great value in the second round. Hopefully he doesn't find out till I make the next pick in the third.


Brandon Harris Highlights:


Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Carolina James Shively Nick Fairley / DT
2 Denver sexsalad Patrick Peterson / CB
3 Buffalo Elguapo09 Von Miller / OLB
4 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2 A.J. Green / WR
5 Arizona Broski Da'Quan Bowers / DE
6 Cleveland Joe Goodberry Marcell Dareus / DL
7 San Francisco Heybrown Prince Amukamara / CB
8 Tennessee Oxalis Cam Newton / QB
9 Dallas Jim0ijk Robert Quinn / DE
10 Washington Pardon_My_French Blaine Gabbert / QB
11 Houston Joe27 Julio Jones / WR
12 Minnesota CarsonOrBust Tyron Smith / OL
13 Detroit The_Black_Stripes Cameron Jordan / DL
14 St. Louis Jaegner Aldon Smith / DE
15 Miami JaredM Mark Ingram / RB
16 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit JJ Watt / DE
17 New England (from Oakland / Seymour) UpStateMike Anthony Castonzo / OT
18 San Diego Quickslant Mike Pouncey / OG
19 New York Giants TheDealio Akeem Ayers / OLB
20 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch Ryan Kerrigan / DE
21 Kansas City Indesignkat Corey Liuget / DT
22 Indianapolis Ddbumpus Nate Solder / OT
23 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12 Gabe Carimi / OT
24 New Orleans FriarBob Cameron Heyward / DE
25 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly Jake Locker / QB
26 Baltimore FriarBob Adrian Clayborn / DE
27 Atlanta TruWhoDey Justin Houston / DE/OLB
28 New England UpStateMike Muhammad Wilkerson / DL
29 Chicago Bsmith4256 Derek Sherrod / OL
30 New York Jets Polo_614 Phil Taylor / DT
31 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison Jimmy Smith / CB
32 Green Bay Sean Weaver Stephen Paea / DL
33 New England (from Carolina / Armanti Edwards) UpStateMike Brooks Reed / OLB
34 Buffalo Elguapo09 Allen Bailey / DE
35 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2 Christian Ponder / QB
36 Denver sexsalad Kyle Rudolph / TE
37 Cleveland Jason Garrison
Torrey Smith / WR
38 Arizona Broski
Rodney Hudson / G-C
39 Tennessee Oxalis
Marvin Austin / DT
40 Dallas Jim0ijk
Danny Watkins / G
41 Washington Pardon_My_French Jonathan Baldwin/WR
42 Houston Joe27 Rahim Moore/ FS
43 Minnesota CarsonOrBust Ryan Mallett/ QB
44 Detroit The_Black_Stripes Stefen Wiesnewski/ C/G
45 San Francisco Heybrown Andy Dalton/ QB
46 Denver (from Miami / Brandon Marshall) Joe Goodberry Drake Nevis/ DT
47 St. Louis Jaegner
48 Oakland NoodleXV Brandon Harris/ CB
49 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit
50 San Diego Quickslant
51 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
52 New York Giants TheDealio
53 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
54 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
55 Kansas City Indesignkat
56 New Orleans FriarBob
57 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly
58 Baltimore Joe Goodberry
59 Atlanta TruWhoDey
60 New England UpStateMike
61 San Diego (from NYJets / Antonio Cromartie) Quickslant
62 Chicago Bsmith4256
63 Pittsburgh FriarBob
64 Green Bay Sean Weaver
65 Carolina James Shively
66 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2
67 Denver sexsalad
68 Buffalo Elguapo09
69 Arizona Broski
70 Cleveland FriarBob
71 Dallas Jim0ijk
72 New Orleans (from Washington / Jammal Brown) FriarBob
73 Houston Joe27
74 New England (from Minnesota / Randy Moss) UpStateMike
75 Detroit The_Black_Stripes
76 San Francisco Heybrown
77 Tennessee Oxalis
78 St. Louis Jaegner
79 Miami JaredM
80 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit
81 Oakland NoodleXV
82 San Diego Quickslant
83 New York Giants TheDealio
84 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
85 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
86 Kansas City Indesignkat
87 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
88 New Orleans FriarBob
89 San Diego (from Seattle / Charlie Whitehurst) Quickslant
90 Baltimore Jason Garrison
91 Atlanta TruWhoDey
92 New England UpStateMike
93 Chicago Bsmith4256
94 New York Jets Polo_614
95 Pittsburgh Joe Goodberry
96 Green Bay Sean Weaver
97 (possible compensatory)

98 (possible compensatory)

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