Bengals Fans Drove Carson out of Cincinnati

The most depressing moment for me as a 20+ year Cincinnati Bengals Fan occurred last year in our 5th game against Tampa Bay. The game was a dog fight, but unfortunately Carson did NOT finish the game very well.

While fans booed during the fourth quarter after it was announced that Palmer went over 20,000 career yards -- the fact that it happened the series after he threw his second interception and the Bucs tied the game didn't help matters - Palmer has heard them before. But suffice to say, not since he was at Southern Cal. -Joe Reedy

Regardless, I looked around as people we trashing the hell out of Carson, and was obviously pissed that Carson basically blew the game, but at the same time... this was still the Carson Palmer that was tearing it up in 2005, and would have more than likely beat the Steelers in the playoffs if he didn't go down with a blown knee.

I guarantee that after that game, Carson looked in the mirror and came to the unfortunate realization that Cincinnati fans are ruthless! Yes, I understand that on a professional level, you cannot throw crappy pass after crappy pass, but lets face it.. Chad had a crap year, and for some godforsaken reason made up his own routes half the time, the O-line got blown up MORE than half the time... leaving Carson on the edge play in and play out.

Trust me, I'm not writing this post to give excuses for Carson's sub-par play this past season, but come on Cincy Fans... Booing your own QB, regardless of any freaking situation, after your name is announced over the loudspeaker in your OWN stadium, is classless... sad really. These type of circumstances make it tough for any player to play well in... Have you ever heard of HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE!?!?! It's hard enough to play 8 away games every season as it is...

Wonder what Carson's situation would be today if Cincinnati Fans were actually supportive of him, instead of being fair weather fans and only sporting the Carson jersey when he was throwing dimes to Housh and Chad...

Grow up Cincy Fans! 

Better yet, this would be a great time to turn your Bengals-Fan badge before we burn another young QB mind to the ground.

God Speed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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