My Results so far from the MtD 'Live' Mock Draft

To give a quick idea to what's happening I basically sit at the computer (having no life) and go through an entire draft with a group of other people (who have questionable social lives) going through all 7 rounds of the draft including Comp picks.

The only trade I made through this mock was with the San Francisco 49er's trading from the 4th overall to the 7th acquiring a 3rd round pick.

And if your wondering why I didn't chose another ptlayer, or where another player may have gone feel free to ask or check the transcripts: 

I'll note the 1st round before our pick went as follows:


7th pick Cincinnati Bengals: Julio Jones WR Alabama

Alright, first off my original pick was going to be Robert Quinn with this pick. I think he would've been great lined up opposite of Dunlap. This is assuming that they're shipping off MJ to the LB corps. With the Card's taking the guy I wanted I decided to look WR, hoping Cleveland would take one and make my decision easier of Julio vs AJ.  Well with Bowers being the guy for Cleveland I then have to make the tough choice: Do I go with possibly the best player in the draft but him not fitting the offense we're creating. Or do I pick the best WR  for my new offense? Luckily I've pondered this scenario a lot lately coming to the conclusion that Julio's ability to get YAC's and his physicality in the position seems to be the 'poster boy' for this Power Run WCO going to be installed in Cincinnati. (If you guys more in depth I'll answer questions in the comments)

35th Pick: Andy Dalton QB TCU

Alright before anyone jumps on this pick let me explain the tone of this draft with QB's. Blaine, Cam, Locker & Ponder were all gone by my pick here, so the idea of Dalton or CK being there at pick 3 definitely was not a lock in my mind. After taking a deeper look at Dalton myself watching the games on tape (and reading every article written on this kid, I can even tell you his Favorite TV shows now) I felt comfortable using a 2nd round pick on him. This kid is very accurate when throwing in the short and intermediate game and does have the ability to air it out. One of the things that impress me the most is his ability to throw on the run, I would go as far to say there is no better QB in this class who can throw better on the run then Dalton. He has all the intangibles that you would want in your new franchise QB with his leadership, football IQ and competitiveness. If we get him or not in the real draft, if coming into the right situation I think Dalton has a bright future in this league.


66th Pick: Drake Nevis DT LSU 

Once more I nearly got the Tar Heel I wanted, but Marvin Austin was taken before I could get him. No safeties were of value at this point of the 3rd round, and the only other player I really considered was DE Allen Bailey. Bailey in my opinion is too much of a Tweener at 6'3" 285, I think he's really a better fit for a 5 Tech in the 3-4 then finding a home in the 4-3. Nevis impresses me with his text book technique: Great at jumping the snap count, consistently beats blockers at the point of attack delivering a strong punch in the chest,  all of this while staying low and maintaining proper leverage. He has the ability to anchor a double team and shows he can break through them as well. His hand technique on the pass rush is surprisingly good, for a guy I originally thought was just a run stopper. He doesn't have the most imposing size at 6'1"and 300lbs but with his leverage and technique can be a force in the shutting down the run game.  


76th Pick: William Rackley OL Lehigh

With that wonderful trade down with the 49er's I was able to snag a great young lineman in Will Rackley. Rackley is actually one of the most versatile linemen in this draft, playing LT at Lehigh but has the ability to be a starter at the Guard or Center position as well. He may not have the ideal arm length to play tackle in the NFL but he does have the size (6'5" 305) and quickness on pass pro to kick back and take a defender out of the play. He shows a great amount of technique and his high football IQ in his play; giving text book timing of pass pro of timing the punch and knowing when to lock on, targeting the chest plate. On run blocking he shows good foot work on his lead step going into defenders, while quickly climbing to the next level where take GREAT angles against the line backers while using proper hand placement.


101st Pick: DeAndre McDaniel SS Clemson

Honestly at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to grab DeAndre here even with his value in the 4th, it was also tempting to draft FS Robert Sands with intentions of turning him into a run enforcing SS. But I gave in and decided in the 4th (which is a likely draft day drop considering his baggage) his value and talent at the pick was outweighing the baggage; similar to the Bengals FA and draft philosophy of obtaining cheap talent with shady back grounds. On the film alone DeAndre, may be one of the top 1 or 2 safeties in this draft. He shows a knack for being in position for interceptions and swatting down a pass. He plays with reckless abandonment on defense and simply put, he has the "hit stick" ability. Technically speaking he isn't the best on pass coverage with opening up his hips, but then again he moves very well for his size of 6'0 217 lbs. Simply put drafting this guy, you add a guy who has the potential to be a top 5 Strong Safety in the league.


Alright this is all I have as of right now, Round 5-7 will be going on at starting at 1pm EST. I don't really want to comment on who else I'm looking or exactly what round's I plan on addressing each position.(Just in case with my luck one of the other teams would peak in here) But I'd be happy to listen to any input you guys may have of positions you think I need to address or players that are still available I need to look into.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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