Bengals Offering "Triple Option" For Tickets In 2011

CINCINNATI - OCTOBER 31: A Cincinnati Bengals fan is dressed for halloween during the NFL game against the Miami Dolphins at Paul Brown Stadium on October 31 2010 in Cincinnati Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Want to go to Bengals games in 2010? Sure. Why, not. It's not like the games will sell out and be shown locally. And let's assume that you haven't been dropkicked by the depressing economy where you can splurge on tickets. Maybe you want to go to a game, but single-game tickets aren't available yet and you don't want to pay a licence for season tickets. Maybe you believe that no tickets being sold will totally be like pixie dust falling on Mike Brown's balding head, forcing him to remove the dam of mediocrity to establish a modern front office. Yay. Right. But keep on believing that.

On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Bengals announced that they are offering the "triple option" allowing fans to package any three games they want.

The “Triple Option” pack will allow fans to package any three games of their choosing. In addition to AFC North rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, teams scheduled to visit Paul Brown Stadium in the regular season include San Francisco, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Houston and Arizona. In preseason, Carolina and Indianapolis are on the home schedule.

This probably assures that half the stadium won't even be filled against the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. There's no doubt that the Bengals attendance has decreased in each of the past five seasons. With a team coming off a 4-12 season and two superstars in Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco not returning, it doesn't seem likely this year's squad will reverse the team's attendance decline.

Now wait a minute Josh, how could Carson and Chad possibly affect ticket sales negatively? Good question, I'm glad you asked. The reality is this. Carson and Chad household, recognizable names that's played in Cincinnati dating back several years. The common fan sees Carson and Chad leaving. The common fan just experienced a 4-12 season. Along with the lockout, the common fan might not see the youth coming down the pipeline. And the common fans are the ones that fill out the stadium. But give it time. The common fan will see this team's future talent coming up and get on board. In the meantime, it's your job to get the common fan to come to Cincy Jungle so we can convert them into obsessive fans.

Bengals attendance during the past five seasons (note: this is attendance, NOT ticket sales)
Season Attendance Avg/Game Pct. Capacity
2010 482,917 60,364 92.1%
2009 512,032 64,004 97.7%
2008 516,663 64,582 98.6%
2007 526,320 65,790 100.4%
2006 527,870 65,983 100.7
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