Hey Bengal Nation,  I am so sick of hearing about "Rebuilding Year"  I am a "BENGAL SUPER FAN" trapped in South Florida. I consider myself a very rational person and I don't (by any means) think I am being Overly Optimistic when I Predict a very good season.  Vegas say's Over/Under on BENGALS wins is 5.5?   In the words of  "Ocho" CHILD PLEASE!!

It has been mentioned very perceptively (Biggie 22) that we have somewhat of an element of surprise this season.The lack of "Film" on "Andy Dalton" along with a newly installed "Offense" (that Dalton is very familiar with) should immediately give us "A new look" which Teams will have to respect (No more Predictable Bengals).

My Formula is a Simple one............All "Dalton" has to do is "Manage" the game by handing off to "Cedrick Benson" 25 to 30 times per game.  As teams are forced to bring 8 in "The Box" ............"Play-Action" WILL create some opportune "Wide Open Looks" for "Dalton" which he should easily be able to take advantage of. He doesn't even have to be super-accurate with the likes of  Acrobatic pass catchers  "Jerome Simpson"  and  "A.J. Green".  Not since the Ringling Bros. "Flying Wallendas"  have I been so exited to see a "Duo" with their kind of ability. Mix-in "Jordan Shipley" ,  "Andre Caldwell" ,  "Quan Cosby" ,  "Jermaine Greasham" , "Bo Scaiff" and "Chase Coffman" and I'm sure you begin to "Get the Picture".   

From what his College and Pro Coaches have said about him,"Dalton" is a very poised and mature leader who all he did at "TCU" was Win, Win, Win. They have also noticed that he has that innate ability to not only focus on his job (But like a good Field General)  is aware enough to know where everyone else is supposed to line up.

Once he "Get's" the "Speed of the game" down, I believe he is mature enough (doesn't generally make the same mistake twice) to keep "Rookie Mistakes" to a minimum.

Once Again.......   I believe "Pounding" the ball into the line, combined with "Play-Action" to our very talented core of Recievers and Tight-ends is the absolute best course of action for this upcoming season. Realistically...............All we really have to do every game is go from our 20 to their 30 (50 yards). By "Pounding"  "Dinking + Dunking" and looking for those 3 to 4 "Wide Open Looks" that he'll get per game.  Once we're at the 30, if we stall on 3rd down......."Nugent" can kick'em 47 yards "all day long".

As for our Defense?..............It is actually vastly improved in my opinion. "Ray" at his natural position flanked by veteran and speedy backers "Lawson & Howard" . Hall & Clements on the corners. The Nelson's, Gibril and Sands roaming center field and guys coming into their own like.............Brandon Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson, Peko, Fanene, Rucker, Rivers etc. And well again, you "get the picture" We should only be an improvement over last years squad which was decimated (badly) by injuries. If this unit can stay healthy, The "Zim" will once again have a "Top Ten" Defense.  

It seems like a simple formula doesn't it?  You're probably saying to yourself ....."Yeah, but these are the Bungals"  Well Guess what  Bengaldom?      I promise...............This year WILL BE DIFFERENT!! 

As for That Over/Under on BENGALS wins @ 5.5...............I'm takin' the OVER!   But what else would you expect from a very rational, not  to overly optimistic, "Super Bengal Fan" 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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