Going over the game at 2AM. Thoughts and observations.

The Bengals allowed a touchdown, fumbled, allowed another touchdown, and threw an interception before 5 straight Cedric Benson carries generated some offense. 35 yards of offense largely on the backs of Andre Smith and Bobbie Williams who looked imposing. A visibly shaken Dalton attempted a 3rd and 2 conversion that didn't connect with Chris Pressley to add a punt to the chain.

Rey was impressive in the middle. He looked at home. He flew to the ball and finished with 5 tackles, 2 for a loss. In fact the whole defense was pretty good against the run. Leon Hall (who allowed two TDs, one an overturned incompletion) and the pass defense in general looked rough.

Andy Dalton had a very rough start but finished showing the mental strength we've heard about since the Senior Bowl. He was picked, sacked, and then almost killed by a mountain of a man named "House of Spears" and the lights seemingly came on. He picked his helmet off the ground (I'm surprised his head wasn't still in it) and got to work. He would finish the night 11 of 15 for a meager 69 yards. He sustained a couple drives and converted a few 3rd downs before he was pulled at the end of the half.

AJ Green and Jerome Simpson looked great. AJ Green, when remembering which direction to run it, looked like a starter. Jerome Simpson did his best to pick up where he left off from last year, looking athletic and getting aggressive. In fact his aggression would be the only real enthusiasm I saw until Jason Shirley made his "last call" TFL and celebration in the fleeting moments of the game.

Standeford, the new OchoCinco in town got a hell of a lot of playing time for a guy who was just signed.

Marvin Lewis apparently wanted Jordan Shipley dead because he played almost the entire game, even returning a punt or two. That wasn't the only puzzling decision however, John Griffen who coughed up the ball on the opening kick return and barely go out of the gate on the second wasn't even on the team's depth chart at KR until tonight.

Finley looked pretty good. He ran better than his 2.1YPC would imply and he returned a kick 35 yards. When he ran right he reeled off a couple 8 yard runs. When he went up the middle or towards KVB on his left, he didn't have much success. Showed good hands and some return ability.

Brian Leonard probably isn't our every down back, but he showed he's still a playmaker. We were treated to two of his Halmarks, the Leonard Leap and inhuman effort. After hurdling a defender he was nailed and managed to fight forward a couple yards for a first down. Of course, this was called back by a Nate Livings holding call.

If Livings isn't cut I think we start to investigate the possibility of some sort of "reality distortion bubble" over Georgetown and PBS.

Nugent broke his streak. Oy Vey.

According to Reedy, Moch "broke the fifth metatarsal in his right foot, which likely will keep him out for two months."

Atkins and Peko looked good. Clinton McDonald and Jason Shirley didn't look too bad either, do either or both of them make the final roster?

Rough game. You know that for all the NFL's talk about taking violent hits out of the game, they sure like to glamorize them. lists Suh's sack of Dalton as a "Highlight" in the PBP. It's worth a watch to see Andre Smith get in Suh's face. Although Smith's pass pro was part of the reason Dalton got slammed around.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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