My Take on Mike Brown



ESPN Hates The Bengals

After reading countless posts and ESPN write ups about how horrible this man is as a person and a Owner I must say two things;

1) Mike Brown "could" be a good person in real life!

2) They say we have the wrost front office in the NFL; yet they also say were top 5 in young talent.

This is a "dee dee dee" moment let it sink in for a moment there you go....

Ok We have done a very, very, very good job of drafting talented players the past 5 years!  Yes thats right 5 years! They didn't all work out they never do however they did provide us with a stable of NFL talent.  Now, a majority of articles I have read have said no one wants to play in Cincy we can't land free agents.  I say when is the last time free agent additions = Suber Bowl the notrious year in and year out contenders do not go out and buy talent.  The teams that do are Dallas and Washington!  Dallas once built a team through the draft it was pretty good by the way... What is my point you may ask?

Mike Brown has not been the worst owner in the NFL period, you can hand that title over to Buffalo, Washington, or even Dallas.  Mike Brown is cheap and they do sign cheaper "troubled" players but they have gotten production out of them at a discounted rate which actually makes sense to me!  Now the root of all our problems Carson Palmer oh shit here we go!

Carson doesn't want to play for well say Mike Brown anymore because he is a horrible owner and blah, blah, blah, and our coachs were sub par the last couple seasons.  Ok only one person I can remember retired reasonably when asked for a trade and that was Barry Sanders who was in the PRIME of his career not in a slump.  He had a case to not want to play in detroit anymore because hell he probably would have taken years off his life with that O-Line. Carson however cannot make this case.  Carson should be thankful that the bengals didn't quit on him after the injuries.  Mike Brown showed Carson respect when the league said game over.  They never said that about Brady because he is so pretty, and America loves pretty boys who talk like 12 year old girls right Justin B.  Sorry for that rant but really....

I still like Carson and have always liked his on field preformances but this little I'm going to take my ball home and go play with myself crap is just like I said crap.  I'm from Canada we have a team here in my city called the Saskatchewan RoughRiders!  Let me put this into perspective for you.  There are 8 teams in the CFL and they have played for 99 years and counting.  Guess how many time the riders have won the "Super Bowl" of the CFL a logical guess would be 14 hell even 10.  The real number 3.  Ya thats right 3 times.  Again I must get to my point!  The point is Carson is not looking down the barrel of 2-14 team again this year they will have improved.  However, now that he isen't playing we might not improve and don't get me wrong Dalton I think has Brees potential.  Howver, ask SD how he fared his first 3 years.  It will take time for him to get it. 

I'm taking Mike's side on this stand off; you can't trade carson not after the injuries the contract and just so players don't end up taking after LeBron and destroying the NFL like the Heat did the NBA.  No logical fan wants to see the harlem globetrotters playing the generals every night unless your 8 years old.  Listen,  I know Mike isen't in the top 15 owners or even top 20 but he isen't the worst in the NFL I mean why is no one saying that SD would have a super bowl if they kept brees over rivers I think that is indeed the case.  Thats a horrible owner; sticking with a guy like Carson who fills the seats and putting up wth Chad "I lost my mind years ago" Johnson would make anyone a little crazy. Just remember our team has been crappy but as far as I can remember the Carson, Housh, Chad days were entertaining and thats why I watch the NFL and not the crap football league or CFL. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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