somebody's got a case of the mondays......

So yeah......well actually, yeah......, matterfact, yeah......

1st half highlights:

Holding on the opening kick off return.

Dalton's 1st throw, continues the overthrow experience.

Leon Hall misses the pick that we all have come to depend on him for.

Aj Green, lazy tip pick...(see last post about how lazy aj green is now)

Touchdown Jets, Manny Lawson running around confused again. (see last post about manny lawson running around confused)

Fumble Cedric Benson...awesome.

Kevin Huber 77 yard punt. (one of marvin's own scouting projects....funny how he's a local kid)

Reggie Nelson is legit (see last post about reggie nelson/madden)

2nd false start on offense.

Dalton's 2nd throw is way behind the TE (Boling picked up a nice blitz on this play)

Dalton's 3rd throw, way behind Shipley.

Dalton's 4th throw, way overthrow's Caldwell, interception....awesome!

2nd pick by Dalton in 5 min.

Milli Vanilli had a hit song in 89 called "blame it on the rain", perhaps this was Dalton's warm up music.

Welcome back Domata Peko, we've missed you fam.

Thank god Sanchez is terrible, he makes our D look good.

When our D-Line smells blood in the water, we attack more. This makes me salivate.

This is why zimmer should run for president in 2012.

Really not impressed with Gruden and his play calling. i know it's preseason and yhadda yadda yadda, but this cat's Cedric Benson sweeps and out routs are getting VERY OLD VERY QUICK.

This begs the point (possibly separate post) ARE YOU A FAN OF THE WEST COAST OFFENSE?? (will revisit later)

3rd down ball sails again on Dalton, decent catch by Simpson, but he didn't drag his feet cause the ball sailed, no catch, punt.....

False start on the punt.....this is a PUNT mind you.

4:21 (and holding...) LEON HALL, welcome back brotha....WE MISSED YOU. Sticks santonio holmes.

Rey MOTHAFUKKKKKKKKKIN Maualuga, 3rd down BEAST. Jets punt, i am finally happy....for the moment...well, second.

Jets punt.

Total of 14 plays for 21 yards.....SEE NOT IMPRESSED WITH GRUDEN above.

Great throw and catch to to Bo Scaife, 1st 1st down!!!

Brian Leonard aka WHITE LIGHTNING, beats mode as usual..

Good patience Dalton, again raise the question of west coast offense. aka, let the athletes make plays instead of old school drop back qb.

Bad ball to Aj Green, second misconnect.

If we run one more short crossing rout tree i'm gonna compare Gruden to Brat.... again, raise questions of west coast offense.

Announcer comments on poor play calling/west coast offense "well, you see it gives everyone a chance to get the ball, but it gives the QB confidence..." lmao

Borderline good pass to Shipley, he makes a great catch. Announcer calls it a "strike", not very accurate for a short pass.

Leonard is a bowling pin, love it.

Touchdown bengals....after 6 quarters of football. good talk mARVIN

Leon Hall < Plaxico Burress (note, Leon Hall vs tall recievers part 2.,,,,,,yeah)

Morgan Trent < santonio holmes 4th down conversion jets. (see previous post about washing machines working hard/morgan trent...good talk russ)

We do have some nasty hyenas on defense, when zimmer lets em go...HOLY SMOKES.

West Coast Offense:

I'm not sure if i'm a fan or not. I know i'm a fan of the REAL west coast offense, because it puts the ball in athletes hands and lets them make the plays instead of waiting on the o-line to block for 7 seconds while a stiff qb throws a 50 yard bomb.

The idea is well thought out, high percentage passes to mismatched defensive personnel. good plan. (see the patriots offense) however, we here at the bengals organization seem to have found brat's playbook and scratched the word "west coast offense" on it.....good talk mikey.


-fear and loathing in los angeles

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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