State of The Franchise(New Edition)



Cant Believe that Football is back, YES Now Sundays are back to Football and i can enjoy the sundays again.


Recent History

Hey As a Bengals fan, i know that our Owner Mike Brown hasnt been great in any of the Personnel moves to make us a contending team for the Super Bowl, He Stated that he only wants a Competitive Team Not a Super Bowl Winning Team, it hard to argue with Mike Brown right?

- To All the Other Bengals fan out there, Our Best Year to WIN the Super Bowl Was in 2005 when CP9, Chad Johnson, TJ, and Rudi Johnson lead the team with a High Powered Octane Offense who was impossible to stop,

If you stacked the Box Chad would burn you deep with his speed and quickness, If you try to double Chad or neither TJ, Rudi would have ran it down the D's Throat.

- I see it as it is, TJ was CP9's Security Blanket and he was the only guy CP9 Trusted when he was in trouble, he and TJ had a great chemistry of work and how to get the chains moving.

When TJ became a FA, I bet you CP9 wanted him back badly, I still am wondering why we put the Franchise Tag on Shanye Graham, I mean Really i guess the Kicker has more vaule to our team than a WR.

But I got over that, I am still wondering why we didnt give up Chad when the Redskins came calling to get a him for 3 draft picks which would have improve our team as a whole and the entire Organization.

I now understand why Chad wanted the media's attention now, How good is the Money when your not happy with your job, Chad was stuck in that kind of situation, since he wasnt happy in Cincy, he just made it a circus with all those name change, and all those crazyness. ( You guys would do the same if you guys were in the same situation)

Rich Braham is one of my favorite Bengals Player, I really mean that, look what he did, he help our O-Line Become one of the best in the League at the time, not to mention the Great Willie Anderson. Braham and Anderson help stablized the entire O-line. But I guess after the 2005 Season, we never had a great O-line No More.

Draft Decision

If All the Bust and Injury Prone Players werent so injured and stay out of trouble, we would had one of the Best Draft Classes in Years,

Remember David Pollack, Odell Thurman, Chris Henry, Tab Perry, WOW

If they all panned out like expected, Thurman would have been still leading this Defense at Middle,

Pollack would have be an Sack Artist and If we Never Lost Chris "Slim" Henry he would have been a vertical threat, and i never knew why he never cracked the No. 2 Spot Oppo of Chad when TJ left

Tab Perry would have been A Game Breaking KR like Devin Hester, Perry had all the tools,

The Problem with this is that Pollack got injured and never played again, Odell (Yall should Know) Chris Henry Off field issues when he was a youngster, Perry also got hurt.....

We Never Made a Great effort to find a backup to back up CP9, we draft like 4 QB's to back hm up but never showed anything in Preseason....

The 06 draft was an okay draft, JJoe was a Great player for us, Whitworth, Peko, and Rucker, the other of the draft picks didnt contribute much, and i believe we had like 9 draft picks?

 And we wasted one on Amhad Brooks a guy who ran into trouble over and over again......Wow i mean really a 3rd round pick, we should have gotten a better player like Brandon Mebane a DT outta Cal now look at hows hes played lately....

I say its a okay draft because your 1st round pick isnt with us at the moment hes long gone, unless he stayed then it would have been a Great Draft class.........

2007 Draft was as poor as it gets, Irons blew his knee out never played a down again, Rowe was not even worth a draft pick in my mind the only few that stuck out to me was Leon Hall and maybe Chinedum Ndukwe, White is barely on the radar besides that it was horrible....Instead if Irons, i thought they should have gone after Matt Kalil Center out of USC, Also Rowe was a better QB than Your Trophy Heisman Winner Troy Smith, I mean really gosh that makes me sick....I would have taken Troy Smith,


2008 Draft

This Class is still in process in my mind, Rivers is out to prove himself as well as Jerome. The Draft was great overall but the problem was that they didnt make much of an impact as we expected.... I'll let Round 1-2 picks slide on this one but i really like rounds 3-6 picks. We added depth and we got what we needed to fill the void at the time.

Im still not sure why they let Corey Lynch go, I was super mad when he didnt make the team, i mean this guys kinda WON the game for Appalachian State vs Michigan, Gosh i guess were just this bad of a team or maybe our Front Office isnt thinking straight.

2009 Draft = In Process cannot grade yet

2010 Draft= In Process cannot grade yet

2011 Draft= In Process cannot grade yet


Carson Palmer Situation

I believe its best if We let this guy go to another Team, I mean why are you going to keep this guy if hes not going to do anything for you team, its like having dead weight on yourself as a team, move along....

Its the past and you cannot go to the past to change things and make CP9 younger before he got hurt in the 2005 Playoffs vs the Steelers.

CP9 did all he can to make this team reached the SB, but how is he suppose to lead when your not given the authority from your coaches to call a Timeout, there must be something wrong with your Organization. Besides when CP9 was healthy the D was Garbarge and the Bengals didnt try to do anything to make D better, they jus simply kept building the Offense....

You cant Win in the NFL if you dont have a D to rely on.....Just asked Tom Brady during that Span of time and ask them Steelers.

I personally think Mike Brown Should just do what is right, and thats trading CP9 to the highest bidder..............

(Jordan Palmer situation)

I dont know why there is a problem with JP i mean the guys tries to do everything right, he led an offseason practice at his home to help other learn the new playbook this lockout season. Carson wanted them to bring in Jordan because he was his brother, i mean if i know my brother wasnt that good and he needs a job, YEA i would have done the same thing, so i dont want to hear people yapping about this and that, The bengals Front office had the power to cut ties with any players, so why didnt they just cut him like last year.

 Offensive Philosophy

Bratkowski's offense was built on the O-Line, Trust me It was All the O-line from 05-07 when CP9 was in his Prime.

If yall you can protect CP9, you can get a 4000yds, and at least 30tds look at it when he was tearing up D from left to right....The Line should get credit for the CP9 success......

The Success of the Offense was bulit up front, they ran deep routes to beat the Defense and and keep Defenses in man coverage......The Running game wasnt much of as factor even though Rudi Jonhnson had 1200yds, but we couldn't close out the game in the final minutes the only time we beat them if we outscored the Defense..........

Also Bratkowski's scheme was too LAME this is what i mean, you have the Best WR at the time in Chad Johnson and he never used him to take advantage of the Defenses, also he never tried to find a way to get the ball to the playmakers on his team, he would have them split out and then make them just run their routes, i mean Use Motion and try to confuse the DB's and try to make them change their call, also during the Bratkowski Era the Half-time Changes are Garbarge. I mean Garbarge the 3rd quarter is worst because we dont change anything, we just like have a break and then go back and expect the same results like the 1st half......while they think the opposing defense does the same, Great Teams makes half time changes in schemes and in play calling.................Maybe thats what our Offense needs in them.......


Defense Philosophy

The Defense was up in down until Zimmer came in and shore up the D, the defense would have some big games but they would spend a lot of time on the field trying to Stop the Run , sounds familiar, well the Pass Defense will come up big in some games but would have given up a lot of TD's too. Look at the Saints Game vs the Bengals, Remember when Drew Brees threw for 500 yards, that was such a horrible game by the Passing Defense but we came out on top because we scored TD's on Defense thats why.


 Our former Defensive of Coordinator wasnt great at gameplanning i think, during the first 12 weeks our defense was an Average one in my opinion, i mean no sack artist, no playmaking LB and all the Stars were secondary players, also on Offense all the stars were there........

But also the DC didnt do much in his schemes i mean you let them pass 500 yds on you guys but make no changes to stop it, were just like the offense makes no Changes during halftime until the 4th  i mean really dude, by the time you guys make a change in schemes the other team is already in a different scheme too gosh is it just me or is it the Entire Organization's way of football

Mike  Brown Status

Mike Brown- Cheap,dysfunctional, and Cheap and more Cheap

WOW really thats all the words i can find that linked to me, unless i was missing one

" 2 Winning Seasons in 20 Years Cincinnati Bengles"

i dont know but if he does sell the team and hopefully he does, i mean how long is he going to make us bengals fan wait for a Super Bowl, I mean we been through so much just to see a losing season and then a season where we make the playoffs and then another losing season again....really


Closing Statement

I miss seeing our Potent Offense, only if the Front Office made an effort to push to get Mike Zimmer sooner before we lost all of our pieces from Offense. I would love to have the 2005 Offense plus the neww additons and the 2009 Defense Plus the new additons  it would be freaken great just to see this combo

Feedbacks would be Great

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