Training Camp Videos Number Two

THE HOLY TRIPOD HAS APPEARED!!!  Nice and stable videos here for you guys. I rendered these at a higher bitrate so hopefully they look better as well.

Video #1 is mostly 11 on 11 drills with some QB stuff at the end.

Video#2 is half warmup stuff and the second half are the scrimmage drives from each individual QB. (Video 2 Now Ready)

Impressions after the jump!

The QB contest began in earnest Tuesday with Bruce and Jordan finally suiting up.

Here are my most impressive and least impressive players from Tuesday's camp.


Andy Dalton:  Wow what a difference 48 hours can make.  While he still checked down a little too much for my liking, he was much more accurate and had greater velocity on his throws.  Still struggles past ~25-30 yards but is showing marked improvement already.  IMO Dalton is alone in the race for the starting job if Tuesday's practice is indicative of his talent.

Cedric Peerman: Peerman continues to impress me.  Has great breakaway speed and seems to have a nose for the endzone.  Can make people miss and get yards after the first hit.

John Griffin: I meant to mention Griffin on my last post but forgot to add him in.  Griffin shows great talent for a rookie.  Has shown great hands out of the backfield.  Good speed and the ability to break tackles.  This team is heavy on RB's right now, but I hope they find room for him on the practice squad.

A.J. Green: The kid is legit.  Not only that but he's a class act.  Signed autographs for a good 15 minutes before PR pulled him away for interviews.  The wife was lucky enough to be the last person to get his autograph.  6'3" may not give him credit.  I'm 6'2" and really had to look up to him.

Jerome Simpson: When the presumed #1 team has been playing it's been Green and Simpson outside.  This tandem is incredibly athletic and gives Dalton the ability to just throw one up and trust both of them can out leap the smaller db's. Simpson has gotten better with ball security, and is simply stellar in space.

Jay Gruden: The offense is finally starting to become clearer. Tight ends streaking down the middle, setting screen for our big athletic wideouts, and running backs catching the ball on wheel routes.  Welcome Bengals fans to 21st century football.


Bruce Gradkowski: Given that this was his first day in pads I'll cut him some slack, but I was expecting more from a guy that ran Gruden's offense before.  Looked inaccurate and indecisive with the ball.  Has a strong arm and is willing to take chances though. Threw a couple should-be picks that the defense didn't make the play on.

Jordan Palmer: Palmer-Lite's first practice was rough.  While Jordan's arm is in another league compared to the other 3, his vision and decision making HAVE to get better.  His scrimmage drive was just plain ugly.

Dan LeFevour: I don't see the Bengals keeping 4 QB's and if they don't my money is on Dan getting cut.  Just doesn't stand out in anyway.  Arm isn't as strong and Palmer's, Doesn't have the accuracy of Dalton, and doesn's have the experience of Gradkowski.  Showed his athleticism more though, but seems to run dangerously and lead with his throwing shoulder.

Colin Cochart: The rookie tight end has decent hands and speed but is just not grasping the playbook.  Looks good on individual routes but come scrimmage he doesn't seem to have the playbook down.  I expect to the see Mr. 81 on the chopping block soon.

Thanks for looking everyone!  I'm going to try and make it down 1 more time but it's a long drive for me (90 minutes) and I'm not sure if I'll have the time.

Please leave your question's or comments below and I'll answer them.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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