Where the HELL is andre caldwell and jerome simpson??!!??

in my first post, i had some things to say about our receiving core and the "security blanket" that many people were oh so cozily snuggled into with andre caldwell.....

if not i might personally fly out to cinci and tell Andre Caldwell that A.) you NOT GOOD B.) STOP GETTING TATTOOS especially on your neck, YOUR NOT A THUG and C.) do your eyes help you see in xray vision?? but honestly, I was guilty of jumping on my couch when andre made such catches as: save our a**es in x-burg (not allowed to say that word in my house) but when my boy asked me "dog, are you really excited to have Andre Caldwell as a possible receiver??" I thought about it and had to say "sh*, i'm not."

and jerome simpson....

Jerome Simpson, can someone please get this cat a helmet that FITS, he looks like Nnamdi Asomugha out there. But astectics aside, i like that this cat is trying to get a little bit of spark out there. he's not gonna be quiet like mARVIN wants. at 1st i was pissed cause they didn't show the replay on the penalty on the sideline but after seeing that it wasn't his fault made me smile. add that to his little showcase against the "predator" in camp, i like what he's doing....keeping in mind this is the same costal carolina player that made dope catches in a D4 (i know there is no division 4 in college but really?) program, but there's a reason we brought in Terrell Owens and before that, that brilliant move to get Antonio Bryant which...worked out so well....and especially helped us in our infamous sallary department. But we also got Mike Jones before that, so why were we actively seeking (not so much a chad replacement) but another star on the other side

aside from wondering where the f*** these two players were week 1, jerome (we sure are glad we had this ace in the hole) simpson is second rate talent from a second rate school (sorry costal carolina) and we're banking on this unproved kid to be a starter in the NLF....yeah.

now granted there are lots of players from small schools who are successful, however we've been waiting for this kid to produce since the keith rivers draft..and neither one have done squat!

there was a great post and response to some andre caldwell questions here. (thx toasted orange)

Aj is looking like a pre-madona, and unlike every team we play this year who has TALL receivers, we don't....which pretty much leaves Gresham as our primary big ball target. (qb term for tall receivers)

Shipley needs the ball all the time, but i'm hoping we can get him in free space instead of just banking on him catching 1st down 5 yard out routes.

I'd also like to see B.Scott catch the ball out of the back feild instead of ced. ced is slow and powerful. not in a bad way, but in a non-pass-catching-way.

as mentioned before, this is going to be a great time for us to watch our punter go to the pro bowl and our defense work really hard every single sunday. when we get ced or bscott moving, sweet. when white lightning is hurdling ppl and gresham is catching hail mary's in the nosebleed section, things will be well, however until we can see some consistency in our offense and a quarterback who will remain at the helm, were gonna have issues. I know it's week 1, but bottom line the NFL is a produce or get outta here business.

Looking forward to smashing on the Pony's (broncos) this sunday, however i have some major concerns with our receiver core and the ability to successfully pass the ball... (whoever we can muster at qb is another story)

-fear and loathing in los angeles

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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