Top-Ten Wins During The Marvin Lewis Era

It's complete. We listed our top-ten Bengals wins during the Marvin Lewis era, which began during the 2003 season. Of our list, one is from 2003, two from 2004, one from 2005 and 2006 (each), three from 2009, one from the 2010 and 2011 (respectively). The list was composed with several aspects in mind, such as the impact it had with Bengals fans. We had others (such as any one of the three five-interception games against the Bears, Vikings or Packers in 2005), but squeezed them out for one reason or another.

After the jump you can see our entire top-ten in one place (along with links to the posting). What other games would you add?

10: Bengals beat the Chargers 34-20 in 2010
Bengals knock the Chargers out of the playoffs and Jerome Simpson emerges.

9: Bengals beat the Browns 58-48 in 2004
Both teams combined to score 106 points.

8: Bengals beat the Browns 27-17 in 2011

With expectations being so low heading into the 2011, the Bengals regular season win was one of the more satisfying wins for some time.

7: Bengals beat the Ravens 27-26 in 2004
The Bengals offense scores 24 points in the fourth quarter on one of the team's biggest comebacks, in terms of point-differential, during the Marvin Lewis era.

6: Bengals beat the Steelers 28-20 in 2006
Bengals score 14 points in the fourth quarter during the first game that Palmer played the Steelers after his injury during the playoff game in 2005.

5: Bengals beat the Packers 31-24 in 2009
This win set the tone for 2009 in many ways against the Packers, including a strong defensive performance that shutdown Green Bay's offense in the second half.

4: Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 in 2009
With 27 seconds remaining in the game, Carson Palmer completes a 20-yard pass to Andre Caldwell beating the Baltimore Ravens.

3: Bengals beat the Steelers 23-20 in 2009
With 18 seconds remaining in the game, Andre Caldwell hauls in a game-winning touchdown to beat the hated Steelers.

2: Bengals beat the Lions 41-17 in 2005
With the win the Bengals win their division for the first time in 15 years, reaching the playoffs.

1: Bengals beat the Chiefs 24-19 in 2003
Greatest win for its impact with Bengals fans.

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