It's an obvious longshot, but decided to lay out the dream draft scenerio

Ok, I know no one really beleives this going to happen but I thought I'd try to lay out an argument as to how both DeCastro and Richardon could fall to us in the first round.

Round 1

1. Colts - QB Andrew Luck, consensus #1 pick over all.

2. Redskins - via trade with the Rams will take QB RG3, and finally address the QB situation

3. Vikings - T Matt Kalil - Need someone to protect Ponder for years to come and open up holes for AP, assuming he can come back healthy.

4. Browns - WR Justin Blackman - Trent Richardson is a possibillity here but they just drafted Montario Hardesty in the 2nd round last year and they have too many other needs to be able waste a pick on a RB in the top 5. Regardless of what the Browns decide to do at QB they are going to need to add some weapons and playmakers on the outside. Justin Blackman may not be a burner but he is a physical specimen who is worthy of being a top 10 pick. After watching the success that there division rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals had with WR AJ Green last year, I believe the Browns will follow suit and jump on Blackman with the #4 pick.

5. Tampa Bay - CB Morris Claiborne - Best CB in the draft and with Ronde Barber most likley done they are going to need to address the secondary.

6. Rams via trade from Washington - T Reiley Reiff - They need to be able to protect Bradford and keep him healthy if they are going to be have any chance to compete.

7. Jacksonsville - WR Michael Floyd - MJD is a stud and if Blaine Garbard is going to have a chance to suceed they need to give him some weapons on the outside. Floyd is a big and physical WR who could really help in Gabards development

8. Miami - DT Quinton Couples - Dolphins missed out on the top 2 QB's so they will have to wait for Matt Barkley or one of the other top guys to come out next year. Jason Taylor is also retiring, therefore they will be looking for another playmaker on the defensive side of the ball as well.

9. Panthers - DT Devon Still - They got Cam last year but there defense is otrocious and like the Lions before them, if they want to rise up to be a playoff contender they will need to start by improving up front with the number 1 rated defensive tackle on the board

10. Bills - OLB Melvin Ingram - They have a nice young nucleus on offense but need to get more athletitc and add another playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

11. Kansas City - T - Johnathon Martin - They will not be able to pass up on him here, I know some are projecting Trent Richardson but they already have 2 RB's they've invested in and this is a trmendous value pick that can really help the team immediately

12. Seattle - DE Nick Perry - Seahawks need a pass rusher badly, Pete Carrol recruited him to USC and now will draft him the first round

13. Arizona - WR Kendall Wright - The cardinals defense is young and getting better. They invested a fortune in Kobb and now will have to do everything they can to give him a chance to succeed. Adding Kendall Wright (whose flying up draft boards) to play opposite of Larry Fitzgerald will give Kevin Kobb his best chance to succeed.

14. Dallas - CB - Dre Kirkpatric - They desperately need help in the secondary, both at corners and safety. They could also use interrior line help but the secondary is a bigger concern that needs to be addressed. The will have hit the jackpot with Kirkpatric still available at this point.

15. Eagles - ILB - Luke Kuechly, Everyone saw how the LB's performed to start the season, the Eagles will be fortunate to land the best ILB at this point in the draft

16. Jets - SS - Mark Barron - Trent Richardson is a definte possibility here as well but Shon Green is still young and it was really the defense that underperformed this year. Rex Ryan being a defensive oriented coach will do everything in his power to fix the defense by adding another potential playmaker to the mix.

17. Bengals - G - David DeCastro - BENGALS FANS ARE SO HAPPY!!!!

18. San Diego - TE -Dwayne Allen - Antonio Gates is getting old and can't seem to stay healthy. After watching what the Pats were able to do with an all pro QB and two stud TE's they won't be able to resist taking the best receiving TE in the draft

19. Chicago - CB - Alphonso Denard - The Bears need to get Cutler healthy and they need to upgrade there secondary, next best CB available is Denard so they will take him here.

20. Tennessee - DT Fletcher Cox - Tennessee just signed a huge deal this last off seson for Chris Johnson, therefore they will not be in the market for aother RB, and I can see them going defensive here with a stud defesive tackle.

21. Bengals - RB - Trent Richardson - ONCE AGAIN BENGALS FANS ARE HAPPY!!!!!

Well there you have it.

Again, I don't see this happening but wanted to try and make a case as to how it could potentially happen when you take into consideration guards and RB's are ussually valued less in the top half of the first round.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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