Janoris Jenkins

Before I get started let me just say that I had to take a break after the lost to the Texans and haven't been on the site that much.

Now, there are players each year that are risks. "The High Risk/High Reward player!" That is Jenkins... If you all liked how he A.J. Greene played this year imagine a player across from him shutting him A.J. down. That's what Jenkins brings to this team. Not only that he is a play maker in the return game. We all know his history. Arrested 3 times and kicked off the Florida team. That was a year ago. He is the best corner in this draft this year as far as straight man coverage goes. With Hall and Clements overhim to tutor him and keep his nose clean he will be fine. Plus, Pacman will be back and who more to learn from then from a man that is basically the same. Nelson will be back too. Imagine Hall, Jenkins, Pacman, Nelson, and Mays in the Secondary for the next few years. With the exception of Hall that is four playmakers ready to reck havoc. I know about Barrons, I know guys like Gilmore and some of the other CB's but none have the athletism and play making ability of Jenkins. The Bengals have 2 first round picks. I don't really care who they get with the 17th pick. I'm not a fan of Miller and Decastro won't be there but make the safe pick there hell Maybe WR like Jeffiries, Floyd, or the kid from Baylor who knows. Glenn maybe from GA. They have to take a risks just like you do on the field. Cant pass up on this guy if he's at 21. He will be the most bang for your buck at 21 overall 17th too but I can wait =)! One more thing. The Bengals I believe should address the OL and WR via Free agency...

2011 Season:

Kicked out of Florida and playing at North Alabama

Career (2008-2010):

Games: 40

Tackles: 121

TFL: 9.5

Int: 8

Sacks: 2

Pass Defended: 25


Elite Recognition Skills

Posses Fluid Hips

Very Compact back pedal

Great against the run

Shows "elite" Ball location skills

"Mirrors" receivers routes and takes them out of the play

Utilizes the Sideline very well on deep passes

Good speed


Fairly productive


Was kicked out of Florida for repeated substance abuse problems

Shorter and susceptible at times in the red zone

Not a great open field tackler

Average hops

Very competitive

Player Comparison: Darelle Revis (with character issues, less size, and less return ability)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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