Bengals Banter: The Stories That You May Have Missed

There's really only one major storyline that's left unresolved. The future of Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Does he go to the Miami Dolphins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he reportedly was scheduled to interview on Monday (which has been pushed back to Tuesday). Even so the Bengals would be wise to proactively initiate their own defensive coordinators list, just in case Zimmer were to leave.

There's two prevailing thoughts on Zimmer's future.

...leaves to become a head coach.

During his four years in Cincinnati, Zimmer most likely developed a repertoire with his assistant defensive coaches. He may leave for Miami, or Tampa Bay, bringing assistant defensive coaches with him in the process. Though two assistant coaches under Marvin Lewis have become head coaches, they were both promotions from their own respective teams, not culled from the Bengals themselves. So this would be new ground for the Bengals.

...decides to stay in Cincinnati.

As difficult it might be to comprehend, we're starting to see the 2012 season with Mike Zimmer coaching the Cincinnati Bengals defense. Living in Cincinnati, building roots in the area with kids going to local schools while coaching a playoff team with a defense that ranked in the top ten, there might be the whole "unfinished business" with Zimmer.

But more importantly, the more time it takes for Miami and Tampa Bay to make a decision, the more likely Zimmer returns. Plus you really have to wonder how attractive the job in Tampa Bay and Miami really are.

+Round Table I: Mike Zimmer and the Draft versus Free Agency. Jason and Josh (I'm all about third person) discuss a future without Mike Zimmer, who could replace him and the differences between the Draft and Free Agency.

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+ Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins, largely one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL, was omitted from the PFW/PFWA 2011 All-NFL team.

+ Jason's weekly Monday Touchdown touched on the games that were played over the weekend.

+ When it's all said and done, the Cincinnati Bengals receivers (and tight end) deserve a C for their performances in 2011.

+ Was family the biggest reason for Jay Gruden's return to Cincinnati?

+ Mojokong made a return over the weekend to finalize his quarterly reports.

+ Former Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly spoke with Jason about his Kyvan salsa, his impression of the Bengals and how life is going in Atlanta.

+ Bengals running back Cedric Benson sounds like a man ready to move on.

+ Our own Anthony Cosenza releases an early list of possible free agents while Josh Kirkendall cautions about the obsessive belief that free agency is always helpful.

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