2012 Depth Chart

Draft Picks

Round 1

#17 David DeCastro - Guard

#21 Janoris Jenkins - CB

Round 2

Doug Martin - RB

Round 3

Bobbie Massie OT

Round 4

Dequan Menzie CB/S

Round 5

Derreck Wolfe - DT

Jerry Franklin - ILB

Round 6

?? - TE

Round 7

?? - WR

Free Agents

As much as I want us to go out and get some big named free agents (guard/safety), I realistically do NOT see it happening, especially with the abundant amount of draft picks we have this year. The only position I can see them maybe going after agressively in free agency is maybe WR, and that's only because we have a track record of going after them and with such a young recieving corp. they may see value in adding a reliable veteran to the mix. Therfore, I'm predicting (after we sign our own players) the only big name FA we will go after this year is Reggie Wayne and the rest of the free agents we target will be mid level (or versatile) players to fill holes and add depth.

WR - Reggie Wayne (Colts)

G/C - Jeremey Zuttah (Tampa Bay)

OLB/DE - Anthony Spencer (Dallas)


1. QB - Andy Dalton

2. QB - Bruce Gradkowski

1. RB - Doug Martin (R) Round 2 - He is my breakout back in the draft. I see him in the same mold as a Ray Rice or MJD, short in stature @ 5'9 but a very powerful runner who weighs in @ over 200lbs. He's already shown his athleticism and versatililty as an underclassman in college when they had him playing some LB and Safety because of injuries to the defense. He can block and catch the ball out of the back field as well.

2. RB - Benard Scott

3. RB - Cedric Peerman

1. FB - Chris Pressley

2. FB - Brian Leonard

1. TE - Jermaine Gresham

2. TE - Colin Cochart

3. TE - Bo Scaife

1. WR - AJ Green

2. WR - Jordan Shipley (IR) - It shoud benefit us greatly to get Jordan back into the mix, he is a natural slot pocession receiver who has a knack for finding the open holes in the defense

3. WR - Reggie Wayne - Free agent aquisition (mentor the young receiving corp)

4. WR - Andrew Hawkins

5. WR - Armon Binns

6. WR - Ryan Whalen


1. T - Andrew Whitworth

1. T - Andre Smith

**1A. T - Anthony Collins - Super Sub that we need to resign but unfortunately may not be able to

2. T - Dennis Roland

2. T - Bobbie Massie - (R) Round 3 (if we cannot resign Collins we will need to address a back up tackle).

1. G - David DeCastro (R) Round 1 - Consensus number 1 guard in the draft who has been dominant in both run and passing blocking, we are fortunate to have him fall to us.

1. G - Bobbie Williams - We need to resign (2 year deal)

2. G - Clint Boling

2. G - Otis Hudson

1. C - Kyle Cook

2. C/G - Jeremey Zuttah


1. CB - Leon Hall (IR) As long as he can come back healthy he will be a big lift to our secondary, unfortunately he may have to start the season on the PUP list.

1. CB - Nate Clements

1A. CB - Adam Jones (FA) - After an internal debate with myself I've decided we should resign Pacman because IMO he's actually a very good 3rd CB.

1A. CB - Janoris Jenkins (R) Round 1 - Very good in coverage with huge upside

2. CB - Brandon Ghee

CB/S - DeQuan Menzie (R) Round 4 - Versatility is the key, he can play both CB and Safety. We can start out utilizing him at SS, in obvious passing situations

1. S - Reggie Nelson

2. S - Jeromey Miles

1. S - Taylor Mays

2. S - Robert Sands

DT - Geno Atkins

DT - Johnathon Fanene

DT - Pat Simms

DT - Domata Peko

DT - Nick Hayden

DT - Derreck Wolfe (R) Round 5 - He's a big, tough, athletic playmaker who can add even more depth to our defensive front.

DE - Carlos Dunlap

DE - Michael Johnson

DE - Frostee Rucker

DE - Robert Geathers

OLB/DE - Anthony Spencer

ILB/OLB - Rodderic Muckelroy (IR) If he can come back healthy, I expect him to really push Rey for the starting ILB position.

ILB/OLB - Brandon Johnson We need to get him resigned, he's our super sub who is very versatile

1. OLB - Thomas Howard

1. OLB - Keith Rivers (IR) Hopefully he can come back healthy and play to level Manny Lawson acheived this past year.

2. OLB - Donte Moch

3. OLB - Vincent Rey

1. ILB - Rey Mauluga

2. ILB - Dan Scuta

3. ILB - Jerry Franklin (R) Round 5


1. LS - Clark Harris

1. P - Kevin Huber

1. K - Mike Nugent

Here are the players that we will more than likely NOT resign or we will cut.

Cedric Benson
Jerome Simpson

Kelly Jennings
Chris Crocker
Nate Living
Mike McGlynn
Andre Caldwell
Brandon Tate
Donald Lee

Manny Lawson

** In all honesty, Anthony Collins should be put here as well but I can't bare to put his name on the list

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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