2012 Offseason

I tried doing a mock draft and I'll show you what I came up with before I get into it. Jenkins and Miller in the First. We are reaching with Miller but he is an NFL caliber back that is durable enough and will fit well in our west coast system. I think of McCoy when I see Miller in our Offense! Anyway both address needs and Jenkins stock is going to rise and may get snatched up earlier with the Senior bowl this weekend and Combine coming up. For the doubters that don't think he still got it because he played D2 ball and only got second team, 2 picks and didn't lead the team in tackles (Says one thing to me, they didn't throw it his way) he is going to show out and his stock is going to rise. Next I go WR in the 2nd and this is in between Dwight Jones from UNC, or Brian Quick ( Quick needs to Improve his 40 time but he breaks tackles and has a long stride) . I like Quick and so do some other teams. He is a big Target and is like a Younger version of Colston. Oh and he can block down field measuring in at 6'5 220!!! 3rd round got to address the line either side so I went with Brandon Brooks Guard from Miami OH or Alameda Ta'amu. I told everyone earlier we need needed another big ugly to go with Peko and Simms and I like Alameda. He will demand a double team most of the time and will free up LB's and secondary to lay the wood. Brooks is Injury prone but he is a big nasty for the Oline to replace Big Bobby Williams or be on the other side of him depending on what side he is. Next is a guy that I like in the rotation to DE. With both Ruckers and Fanene On Free Agency this will need to be addressed too. (I want Ruckers back.) When I think D I think SEC and he may be a sleeper. He only played 9 games this year but dang near avg. a sack a game at (.89)! Close enough. Jake Bequette out of Arkansas. Built like Justin Smith when he first came out without the pressure of having to start may have a good year in the rotation replacing what Fanene once brought to the line and adding youth. His Injury at the beginning of the year caused him to miss 3 games but what ready to go after that. I find it important to keep getting younger along the line and stay fresh and energetic. How important you may ask??? I go with DT again. It's the 5th round and your pretty much trying to find compliment players so I go 2 ways now. Wolfe from UC or Trumain Thomas. Here's my outlook here. If the Bengals pick up Alameda Ta'amu DT has been addressed and they can look at Safety here Tramain Thomas. He lead Arkansas with 5 interceptions and has decent range and is by no way shape of form a reach like Barron is being drafted in the 5th round. Let Nelson, him compete with Sands, worst come to worst move Nelson to SS and Maybe Thomas will start. It will be Nelson and whoever else whether in be Mays, Sands, or Thomas starting!!! Say what you want but it's better than Crocker. Not looking for a starter in the 5th but someone to push the starters. I could careless who they get with 6th or 7th round, Sorry! Now With that said I was orginally thinking the Bengals can address the Oline via Free agency but if they can't they'll have to address in the draft. The Saints are NOT going to let go of Nicks and the Ravens are not going to let go of Grubbs. Y would they? Elite teams keep elite players, it's just the way it works. The Saints will let go of Meechum though. So the Bengals will get Meechum a first round pick in 2008 who wants to be a starter but has not got that chance to NO system. Behind Colston, Henderson, the emergence of Lance Moore and Graham he is but a piece they will not miss. This will change my Second round pick too......... Kelechi Osemele! He is no Decastro but he will due =)! Part of Wisconsins mighty line he is NFL ready and will be a great pick up for the Bengals in the 2nd round!


1st Jenkins

1st Miller

2nd Kelechi Osemele OG (pending on Free agency maybe WR)

3rd Alameda Ta'amu DT/ Brandon Brooks OG

4th Jake Bequette DE

5th Trumain Thomas FS

5th Wolfe (UC) DE

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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