Great Season If You Asked Me, But The Playoff Was A Bit Disappointing

They Say

  • We have the 33rd best QB in the NFL
  • We will have to Suck For Luck
  • We will be 0-16

We Showed Them

  • 3000yards,20TD's
  • Suck for who??
  • 0-16?? Just look at the Record 9-7

How should i start this?

Okay I know

The Bengals exceeded Expectations, we made the Media looked dumbfounded, after labeling us as the worst team in the NFL, There is always room to grow, besides, its not like our Team is that old, we are one young team that is still trying to earn that ELITE Status, which takes time to build. Rome(i dont mean Jerome Simpson) was not built in one day.

On Offense, this year, i think we totally scared the crap outta teams on paper, with AJ Green and Dalton leading the way with Jermaine Gresham. The only problem i saw with the team was that we couldnt score inside the red-zone which is horrible, what happen to Play action and throwing it to Gresham in the back corner with no one guarding him.

The WR core after AJ Green has been decent but has struggle to show up in big games. Jerome has been below average, the guy makes Crazy plays, but the guys doesnt seem to get open or hasnt been able to grasp the playbook fully, Hawkins has been a good weapon for Dalton, the guy sure does scare me if im a Defense Coordinator, another version of Darren Sproles, we need to input him in the game more, like on reverses, bubble screens, isolation situation with LB's and line him up even in the back field to make him more dangerous, Whalen has came in and filled the void left by Shipley, but overall Whalen looks great in the Offense doesnt seem much of a dropoff after Shipley. Andre was been okay at best, the guy just gets jam at the line too often and then he doesnt try to get open, i mean i like the guy but he has struggle as of late this past season, maybe because of a new QB and a new system.

The RB's are trash, except for Brian Leonard and Cedric Peerman, Leonard and Peerman should be used more in the offense, Leonard has been clutch(period) he just makes plays after plays and he doesnt stop, Peerman is just a beast the way how he compete and play. Benson has been washed-up the guy doesnt have the vision to see the holes and the lanes, also he CANT CATCH COMING OUT OF THE BACKFIELD, i dont need to remind us all of what happen yesterday when the ball hit his two bare hands just to see him fall and drop the pass, Scott has been okay, but i thought when we drafted the guy we where going to have a RB who can score from anywhere and make opposing defense scared and gameplan for the guy, i guess not no more, the RB's has been okay at best, i think the Bengals should use Leonard and Peerman more in the offense because they just seem to spark the Offense fire power.

The O-line has been Average and i think we need to UPGRADE THE INTERIOR LINE!! Just look at how opposing teams beat us, they get pressure from the inside and Dalton cant step up into his throws, the Tackles has been above Average, Whitworth has been beast, he isnt even in his natural position, he was moved from Guard to Tackle and is one of the underrated Tackles in the League due to his draft status and the team he plays for. Smith has been above average, he has been better than i thought and hopefully he pan out so we can move Whitworth back to guard.

I dont see why he used this Combo of O-line

LT: Andre Smith

LG: Andrew Whitworth

C: Kyle Cook

RG: Bobbie Williams

RT: Anthony Collins

I think it would be one of the better O-line if he had this combo in

The TE's has been Great, Gresham has been a beast, Lee has been clutch and Cohart has been great in what's he been asked to do, I think the Bengals will get more production if they had an TRUE OFFSEASON, then Jay would Probably would have got Gresham some more plays and some more reps for him,Besides Jermaine is learning a new system as well too, i think the TE's Position is one of our strengths and we should use it to our full advantage.

On Defense, it was a horrible year for Turnovers, but on paper it has been great, the only problem was coming down the stretch against better teams and we couldnt stop the run which lead to our downfall into the playoffs, on pass defense we been okay since our D-line can get to the QB but the DB's has struggle in coverage, but i expect us to improve in that department.

The D-line has been Superb this year, with the rotation guys are getting more opportunities to play and get PT, as well has keeping each other fresh. All i got to say is Hands Down and give the D-line the Props they did great this season and i expect us to get better and get to the opposing QB with our front 4

The LB's has been average, Thomas Howard has been no doubt our LB's MVP, Rey has struggle this year, but he can still learn, because its only his 1st season at Middle LB and Manny Lawson has been a beast, he came in and filled in great for Keith Rivers and he has been superb in Coverage and in taking down the RB, with his big frame. Skuta has been on fire, the guy sure seems like he can play and make voice for himself, Brandon Johnson has been great as well, hopefully they can keep the LB's intact and hopefully they all improve next year and make a difference in the Game

The DB's has been Okay at best, someday they impress me someday they scare the crap outta me, Hall has been out so i'll have to say he gives us stability in the back 4, Clements has been great, but he has lost a step in the speed department and he has been great in run support, Jones has been better than i thought, he came in and held his own, only if he wasnt rushed into action after the Hall injury i think he is one of the better Nickel Backs, Jennings has been okay, he has some value due to his speed but his ball skills are still pretty terrible, but he can come back, Ghee on the other hand is the missing piece, i dont know why they called him just to put him on ST i mean didnt we get the guy in the 3rd round to be our future Nickelback and compete for the job, maybe another season should do the trick i want to see Ghee tear it up for us. Nelson has been a Beast, and i except him to only get better, the only issue he has is reading the Play action pass, he bites too often which leads to big plays on his side of the ball, but he has been great, Crocker has been solid, but the playoff game just made me pissed at why we still have the guy, but he has been solid as in locker room presence, hopefully Mays or Sands pan out so we can do some damage.

The free agent list

Marques Colston WR

Pierre Garcon WR

Robert Meachum WR

Drew Brees QB

Carl Nicks OG

Ben Grubbs OG

Thomas DeCoud S

LaRon Landry S

Aaron Ross CB

Tracy Porter CB

Corey Lynch S

Our Free Agent List to (Re-sign Only)

Pat Sims DT

Jonathan Fanene DL

Manny Lawson LB

Reggie Nelson FS

Bobbie Williams OG

Adam "Pacman" Jones CB

Robert Geathers DL

Jerome Simpson WR

Frostee Rucker DL

Anthony Collins OL

Gibril Wilson S

Chris Pressley FB

Jeromy Miles DB

Mock Draft

Round 1: Peter Konz C Wisconsin- If DeCastro is there i would take him here, but i doubt he falls to 17 so i went with a C/G Combo to help the interior line

Round 1: Janoris Jenkins DB North Alabama- I went with Jenkins, because the guys is still a stud, if he was still at Florida, no doubt he would be fighting for the #1 ranking with Claiborne out of LSU and the guy has skills

Round 2: Rueben Randle WR LSU- Randle would help our offense more scary with the speed he brings and we can use him in the slot vs Smaller DB's

Round 3: Trumaine Johnson DB Montana- can play S and DB which helps our back end until Taylor Mays figure it out with Zimmer then we can move him back to DB

Round 4: Isiah Pead RB Cincinnati- theres not much but to say, we need a RB who can break the game wide open from anywhere from the field

Round 5:Asa Jackson DB Cal Poly- the guy has a lot of value, he can be a ST in KO/Punt returns and can also play Nickel and dime package for us

Round 5: Jaye Howard DT Florida- we can use another big body to help the Interior D-line so we dont get gassed out in the long run

Round 6: Markus Zusevics OG/OT- i havent seen him play but someone told me he is the 2nd coming of Marshal Yanda of the Ravens

Round 7: Ronnie Sneed LB Kentucky- we can get some more competition at the LB to see who to keep and who to cut loose

Feed backs would be great and thanks for reading

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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