My 2012 Bengal mock draft, 2.0

I recently put out a Mock Draft and wanted to update it since several guys have decided to return to school, therefore moving the draft order around in the last couple weeks. Also, our needs were exposed throughout the last couple weeks of the season and playoffs by some very good teams that we faced. I have changed up my stance on a few players and spots we need to fill and we like to hear back from my brothers and sisters (Bonnie Bengal, only female I think I have seen on here) of Cincy Jungle. Here is the thread to my previous entry:

Let me know what you guys/gals think...........

Round #1 (17th overall, from OAK) - Lamar Miller, RB, Miami. Why? Benson will get his walking papers (he might fumble them, hang on Ced!) and Scott still hasn't proven he can be a #1. Leonard is still a thrid down specialist. With Ball taking himself out of play for a later 2nd-3rd round pick, I now am ok with us taking the 2nd best RB in the draft. Polk's stock will rise too, so he most likely won't be there for us in the 2nd. We have to lock Miller up here.

Round #1 (20th/21st overall) - Mark Barron, SS, Alabama. Why? I am making a bold prediction to say we finally address this position with the best possible selection at S. Crocker will surely be gone. We should be able to re-sign Nelson which I agree with. Barron's stock continues to rise, partially by default. The S class is very weak, if we want someone we expect to contribute, we better grab him in the 1st. Some sites have Barron in the top 10 in terms of overall talent in the entire draft. This would make two impact players, best left on the board, that fill our positions of need.

Round #2 - Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina. Why? If this draft class is deep in one area, it's CB. Great news for us, we can fill 2 huge needs in round 1 and still get our CB in the 2nd. This could easily be Minnifield or Hosley too and I would be ok with either one. From what I've seen all three aren't that far apart in terms of talent and draft speculation. Minnifield is also a KR, which would be a nice bonus for us. Gilmore at least starts as the 3rd CB, maybe even moving into the #2 role at some point in the season. I think we may take our yearly gamble on Trumaine Johnson out of Montana around the 4th-5th rounds, if he's still there. Also a big-time talent that can cover and return kicks.

Round #3 - Lucas Nix, OG, Pittsburgh. Why? Best G available here, who's specialty is run blocking. Would fit our scheme well and is athletic enough to move around. I doubt we go after one of the top tier G in Free Agency, so we address here. With Boling's being a mystery whether or not he'll be ready to start (I would hope so), Collins being a Free Agent (hope we re-sign him, but who knows) and McGlynn being so-so for us in spot duty....we have to address the position. Good value here, get a top five G in the third.

Round #4 - Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana. Why? Value pick here, if he's still available. With Leon being injured and although scheduled to come back during training camp, who knows for certain? Pacman may want bigger money then we're willing to pay, Clements is old and may be moving to safety, Jennings started to play much better, but definitely was scary early.....this is a position in which we need to stock the cupboard back up with younger talent. We could also easily go DT/DE here to fill in any losses through Free Agency also.

I plan to slowly expand as the draft nears to more than 4 rounds, but for now with how much things will change figured this would be plenty to debate. Would love to hear thoughts from the Jungle about this, we've got a ways to go before the need to fill the time. Who Dey?!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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