PFF Grades Over ALL 6 Games

From the messageboards are the PFF grades through Week 6:

This is from the message board:

Andy Dalton 31 of 33

AJ Green 4 of 105 (Hawkins is 21, Binns is 103)

Jermaine Gresham 54 of 54

BJGE is 33 of 34 HBs

Jeff Faine 33 of 33

Whitworth 4 of 68 total Tackles (Smith is 21)

Zietler is 8, Bolling 13 (of 71 guards)

Michael Johnson and Dunlap are 9 and 10 of 60. Geathers is 54.

Burfict is 11 of 43 OLB, Lawson is 40th.

Geno Atkins is 1st of 79 at DT. Peko is 66th

Maualuga is 47th of 47 at ILB/MLB

Jones, Newman, and Hall are 17, 18, and 20 of 99 at CB

Reggie Nelson is 7th of 75 Safties

Nugent is 9/44 kickers

Huber is 13th of 38 punters

What caught my eye about all this was not the raw numbers but the rankings of each player at his position. A raw number can always be questioned but a ranking that compares one thing to another with the same criteria is a little different. Anyways, my takeaways from this:


Lawson is 40th out of 43 at OLB. No wonder we saw Skuta get so many reps at SLB last game. The coaches are at least trying to put out the fire here.

Maualuga is 47th out of 47th at ILB. Absolute last. THE worst ILB in the league according to PFF. Yet we start him and defend him.

Burfict is 11 out of 43. Nuff said for an undrafted rookie.

Does anyone still believe that the starting combination of Burfict, Maualuga, and Lawson is the answer? I think a rock on the field would have as much effect as Maualuga does right now. Absolute last. Yet we don't want to try anyone to replace him? Why? He is junk. He brings absolutely nothing. Can anyone really say that Muckelroy or Burfict will come in dead last as well?

Move Burfict inside. Try a rotation of Maualuga, Lawson, and Skuta at SAM. Try a rotation of Muckelroy and Rey at WLB.

Running Game

Faine is dead last. Zeitler and Boling are 8 and 13 out of 71, respectively. BJGE is 33 of 34. Here is why our running game stinks. Faine and BJGE. But the funny thing is we have guys who might be better already on the roster. Peerman had a great receiving game yesterday and has excellent speed. Trevor Robinson was tried yesterday for about 6 snaps and graded out at 0.6 while Faine was -2.2. Not bad for a backup seeing his first action of the season. This is yet another case of a veteran wrongfully starting over a younger guy. A guy who was sitting on his couch eating potato chips was signed to start over a guy who had been practicing and proving himself the entire time. Can anyone else see the stupidity of that move? In fact - we kept Robinson for that exact purpose - in case Cook got injured. But when he did, we went and started a street FA. I say Robinson deserves to be tried. At least till Cook is able to come back. And Faine can go back to eating potato chips on his couch.

As far as BJGE, I have no idea why he is getting the lion's share of the carries. Peerman is a better back. Faster. Can catch. Willing to do whatever they ask. He is an ordained minister and all he does is produce whenever called upon in Special Teams. This guy at least deserves a game or two to prove himself. I think Peerman can be better than 33 of 34 HBs. Even if he is 34 out of 34, at least we tried.

Wide Receivers

Binns is 103 out of 105. And we all saw how great Tate was at running routes last game. We have the best route runner on the team in Whalen who has been inactive all year. Deactivate Binns and Tate, and let the younger guys of Whalen, Marvin Jones, and Sanu battle it out for #2 to AJ Green's #1. Even if they are 104 or 105 out of 105, they aren't that much worse than Binns' 103.

Defensive End

Geathers is 54 out of 60. Dunlap is 10. Michael Johnson is 9. Yet who is starting? Geathers. Coaches must be retarded. Only answer to why Dunlap is not starting. Marvin Lewis had his guy and will never admit his mistake.

Really, the one common theme in all these is this:

We can only go up from here. The guys starting at their positions are the worst at their position in the league. It really cannot get any worse. So why not try?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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