Dalton is not the quarterback of the future

I'm here to explain my case on why Dalton isn't a franchise quarterback.

You can't go off of what he finishes the entire season with because that doesn't paint the entire picture.

2011 Season

Steelers Game 1 - 15/30 170 yards 50% CMP 2 TDS 2 INTS 25.9 QBR

Ravens Game 1 - 24/45 373 yards 53.3% CMP 1 TD 3 INTS 60.7 QBR

Steelers Game 2 - 11/24 135 yards 45.8% CMP 1 TD 0 INTS 77.6 QBR

Ravens Game 2 - 22/44 232 yards 50.0% CMP 0 TD 0 INTS 65.7 QBR

He flat out was horrible when facing our division rivalry teams, and didn't make changes when going on the second go around. It's like he is a whole different person when facing the Ravens and Steelers.

Lets see what Dalton's done in his sophomore season with film on his mistakes from his rookie season and more experience with a training camp.

2012 Season

Ravens Game 1 - 22/37 221 yards 59.5% CMP 0 TD 1 INT 15.9 QBR

Steelers Game 1 - 14/28 105 yards 50% CMP 1 TD 1 INT 16.9 QBR

What we see here is Dalton is still making the same mistakes from his rookie season. There is no more excuses anymore. It's time for him to step up. He plays like a division 2 QB when we play them. 105 passing yards against the Steelers or anybody will not cut it in the NFL. We don't have the elite defense to survive with that little firepower, only the 49'ers can really get away with that, and that hasn't been working to the fullest this season.

If AJ Green wasn't on this team Dalton would not be anything. This game basically proved it, Green was basically not in the game, sucking up double coverage, and Dalton still couldn't hit his receivers. He chose to make throws to players that were FULLY covered instead of checking his other receivers that were open. (Whalen was wide open)

He isn't a horrible quarterback but unless we have an elite defense he will be nothing more then a game manager. Green is the only reason he is relevant in the NFL.

And there was no excuse today because we ran the ball well enough to get play action. BJGE had 18 carries for 69 yards, which is 3.8 a carry. That is a good day for BJGE he isn't what we expected. He is not the answer, short yardage/red zone is the only thing he should be doing. We really NEED to draft a runningback or bring in a LEGIT runningback to help out the ground game.

The Steelers didn't get one sack on Dalton, yes there was pressure, but not a lot to blame the throws because of the pressure. He is on pace to have as many interceptions as touchdowns. And leads the NFL in pick 6's, which last time I checked, that is one of the worst stats to have in the entire NFL.

I don't have much more to say, he isn't the answer in my opinion. I don't think we need to draft a quarterback next draft, but if he doesn't step it up in the next Ravens and Steelers game, then we should start thinking about it. Not even rookie QB's are throwing interceptions every single game. I just don't see why he makes bonehead moves, it reminds me a lot like Palmer used to do. I was never a Dalton hater, in fact I even thought about getting a jersey, but today made me wake up and look into Dalton.

Thanks for reading, if you agree or disagree that is fine. I am just stating my opinion and want to see where everyone else stands. Peace!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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