Dream offseason

I know it's a little early to be making predictions, but why not. We'll most likely be picking in the middle part of the draft... unfortunately. Anyways I for one am done waiting for Gresham to step up his game, we have given him so much chances.

So I say that we trade him to the Rams and get a third for him. Then after that we should swap our first round picks with the Bears and get their second for doing it since they'll most likely be picking in the bottom of the first. So when our first round pick comes we use that pick on the stud and ultra-talented Tyler Eifert , TE out of Notre Dame. He is a good blocker and would be a very good compliment to Green because this guy has outstanding hands.

Then when the second round comes and the pick that we got from the Raiders (which should be pretty high) we take Mike Gillislee RB out of Florida who is 5"11 210 pounds and has been a monster this year for the Gators. That would give us a feature back for at least a few years.

Then with our original second round pick we get Matt Elam the star safety out of Florida also. That would give us a decent looking pair of safeties with Elam and Nelson back there. Then with the Bears second round pick that we have now we get Chase Thomas OLB out of Stanford who would make our linebacking group complete if we are able to resign Manny Lawson, because we could move Vontaze to his natural position in the middle and have Lawson and Thomas anchoring the outside.

Then with the Rams third round pick we take a gamble on Da'Rick Rogers the wideout who was just a monster at Tennessee just watch some of his highlights This kid is 6 "3 215 great hands and excellent speed with someone that size. Now teams won't be able to just double AJ the whole game. Just think about this AJ on one side Rogers on the other and Eifert in the middle and hopefully Sanu in the slot with Gillislee in the backfield. I know that Rodgers has gotten into some trouble but he has top 15 talent falling all the way to the third round which could be a steal for us.

Then with our original third round pick we pick we should take Khaled Holmes the center out of USC. He has been an excellent pass blocker for Matt Barkley for the last couple years and hopefully he can get better at run blocking which he isn't bad at but they aren't a running team, and he has to bulk up a little but otherwise he could be a very solid center for us.

Then in the fourth round we take another gamble on Tyrann Mathieu the amazing corner out of LSU. He has also been in some trouble this year, but the kid has top 10 talent and could very well fall all the way to the fourth round. So now our defense that hasn't played that well this year could be great again next year if Leon keeps getting healthy and Dre comes and plays well. So we would have Dre, Leon, Tyrann, Elam, and Nelson in the backfield. Scary huh?

Then in the 5th we should take Omoregie Uzzi the Guard out of Georgia Tech who was a second team all-american in 2011 and on the Outland trophy watch (which is the best lineman in college). Since he is from Georgia Tech he knows how to run block which is just what the Bengals need. If he can get good at pass blocking this kid could be dominant for us.

In the 6th i see us taking an odd pick with Collin Klein the quarterback from Kansas State. He wouldn't take over Andy but he could come in like when we're inside the 20 and it's third and one we could put him in shotgun and have him run and pick up those hard yards as he has done the past two years.

Then in the 7th I see us taking Christine Michael the RB out of Texas A&M who has had a down year. This all depends on how Bernard comes back. If he comes back healthy I say scratch this idea, but if not we're gonna need a third down back and he has great skills to do it. He's 6 feet 217 pounds and can run a 4.45 40, and he has good hands for a back.

*Also we need to lockup Andre, Michael, AJ, Andy, Geno, and Lawson.

Any thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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