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You guys posted one on the Dolphins site and I am returning the favor by posting one. This post is for Bengals fans to post questions they have about The Dolphins. If you have an active account on The Phinsider, please go over there to answer some of our questions.

Quick notes:

1) No team has been able to run on the Dolphins because of our front 7. We can shut down a good rushing attack like the Texans without the need to blitz, allowing our LBers to stay in coverage.

2) Kevin Burnett is the Lber that covers TEs and he has been horrible this season. When opposing Ds have a decent TE, that TE usually puts up over 100 yards and a 15+ YPC average. Koa Misi has been good in TE coverage so far, but we use Misi as a rover in coverage.

3) Karlos Dansby is the LBer we use to cover HBs, which he has done a fine job of this season.

4) Our secondary leaves something to be desired. Sean Smith has been a solid #1 this whole season and looked elite for 58 minutes of the Cardinal game. We usually get burned badly by #1 WRs at the worst possible times. In week one, Andre Johnson was unstoppable during our TO debacles, otherwise, Smith did a good job. Holmes humiliated Nolan Carrol in Week 3, showing Carrol isn't ready to cover #1s yet. It will be interesting to see how Green plays against Smith, because Smith held A.J. in check until we turned the ball over 4 times in 6 minutes.

5) Brian Hartline has looked good and is keeping Dolphins fans from missing Marshall too much. The combination of Davone Bess and Hartline has allowed our rookie QB someone to throw to. Unless Gaffney makes a big time contribution this week, we have no one to throw to behind them. If the Bengals can double Hartline and cover Bess well, the Bengals could limit how effective our passing attack is.

6) Anthony Fasano is a blocking TE that is a good route runner with sure hands. He is not athletic, but is good for the occasional 10 yard gain, but rarely gets more yards than that. He definitely isn't a seam-buster like Gresham. We haven't used him much in our passing game.

7) Reggie Bush started the season lighting Defenses on fire, but was relatively quiet last week. The Cards sold out on the run allowing Hartline to nab 255 receiving yards, with Bess getting another buck 25. Daniel Thomas is our bruising back that has had his ups and downs. He is a fine pass blocker though and picks u the blitz well. He is also dangerous catching screens and flare outs. Although, if Bush goes down again, neither Miller or Thomas will adequately replace him.

8) Our OL is average. Against solid, but not great players, or against the blitz they do fine. Against great players, they struggle mightily. From what I have been told of the Bengals front 4, you guys won't have to blitz to get to Tannehill.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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