Are we playing the right guys?

I wanted to take a look at this team and see how it is managed. From a Player Personnel standpoint. And hold the Office of Player Personnel accountable.

Week 1

Carlos Dunlap Dre Kirkpatrick Jason Allen Bernard Scott Richard Quinn Ryan Whalen , Donald Lee

Really, nothing could be said bad about the inactives here or who started. Thomas Howard was still starting - so no need to bring up Lamur from PS. Lee might still have been able to go. And most of the other guys were injured. Only thing I could see bad was not activating Whalen and inactivating either Binns or Tate. Another bad thing - going with Faine at Center instead of Robinson. Faine hadn't been near football for 6 months and was probably out of shape. Robinson had been with the team the entire time. I could see getting another center as insurance policy but they should use the game to see who would be the long term answer.

Week 2

Carlos Dunlap Bernard Scott Jason Allen Dre Kirkpatrick Donald Lee Ryan Whalen

Pretty much the same inactives as the previous week. BJGE and Faine did pretty well the first game. This probably gave the coaches a false sense of confidence in their abilities. Howard was injured. Here is where the shit hit the fan. Howard is your best coverage LB. Lamur was on the PS and he IS our best coverage LB. Instead of bringing up Lamur to WLB, they moved Burfict from MLB to WLB. Muckelroy was signed.

Week 3

Dre Kirkpatrick Donald Lee Leon Hall Richard Quinn Ryan Whalen Marvin Jones Brandon Thompson

Coaches became even worse and inactivated BOTH Whalen and Jones in favor of Tate/Binns. Doubled down a very crappy hand.

Week 4

Dre Kirkpatrick Nate Clements Jason Allen Leon Hall Ryan Whalen Roddrick Muckelroy Bernard Scott

Donald Lee finally let go.

Week 5

Jason Allen Dre Kirkpatrick George Iloka Brandon Thompson Marvin Jones Ryan Whalen Richard Quinn

More of the same. Bernard Scott is injured here. Bobby Rainey still on Ravens PS. Trade deadline is still weeks away. We do nothing and rely on BJGE as our feature back.

Week 6

Dre Kirkpatrick Richard Quinn Ryan Whalen Jason Allen Mohamed Sanu Brandon Thompson George Iloka

Guess coaches decide to bench Sanu instead of Jones and hope that is the spark?

Week 7

Dre Kirkpatrick Brian Leonard Armon Binns Richard Quinn Jason Allen Dontay Moch Brandon Thompson

Binns is injured and has been for a while, so they finally activate Whalen. All he does is lead the team in receptions. Then he will be back to being inactive.

Week 9

Marvin Jones Richard Quinn George Iloka Brandon Thompson Jason Allen Roddrick Muckelroy Ryan Whalen

Moch put on IR. Lamur FINALLY gets signed to the roster. And activated. And STARTS! TWO days before the game. And is our best coverage LB. Jones and Whalen still inactive. Jones is injured. Whalen isn't. Tate and Binns both still suck.

Week 10

Jason Allen Armon Binns Marvin Jones Reggie Nelson Richard Quinn Devon Still Brandon Thompson

Muckelroy released to make room for Pat Sims. Whalen and Sanu finally both activated. Binns is injured and inactive, much like how Tate should be. Our two rookie DTs are inactive.

Now, you look at the weekly inactives and the PS and whoever else is available - and you ask yourself: "are we really playing the best guys?" I would rather sit a guy like Dennis Roland or Dan Skuta or Vinnie Rey rather than Devon Still and Brandon Thompson. I would rather have Faine inactive and bring up that healthy center off the PS rather than a gimpy and bad Faine, just in case Robinson goes down.

These are the guys who I believe should be inactive:

Binns, Tate, Quinn, Faine, Allen, Roland, and your choice of Lawson/Skuta/Vinnie Rey

I made this post very fast. Am sure there are some errors.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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