Midseason review of my March predictions for the Bengal season

Based on my march 20 post (partially reprinted below) evaluating what MB, ML and company had done in the offseason compared to what their upcoming opponents had done, I projected a 6-7 win season and was immediately ripped a new one :-)! Somehow analyzing the team was interpreted as not supporting them. I just want to review some of my predictions and see where we stand:

Starting optimistically with 7 wins: we lost one to Cleveland which is -1 from my total. We are now at 6. We have lost 2 of 4 so far against Pitt/Baltimore . -1/2 using baseball terminology. We lost to Miami so another -1. We are now at a 4 1/2 win season. We beat Jacksonville so it's a wash even if we lose to Oakland +1/2. We are now at a 5 win season projection. Kandy-a$$ City and San Diego look winable based on their performances so far so we are back to 7 wins. Finally, taking one from either Dallas or Philidelphia seems reachable. So, at the halfway point my optimistic scanario climbs to 8 wins, but not without reservations. 8 wins means that we finally figure out Oakland, that Dallas and Philidelphia continue to spiral down teamwise and misfire on the field, that San Diego doesn't pull out a rabbit at home and that KC lays down for us and we don't play down to their level - and, of course, that nothing bad happens to our team. All in all 7 still seems pretty solid guess from last spring. I wonder how I stack up against Mike Brown's front office internal projections/expectations. In my Poll some 70% said 9 or more wins this year and insulted me and my lineage for calling it as I see it. Would love to hear anyone who still wants to argue for 9+ wins :-) ...

By NorwayMike on Mar 20, 7:16p Time to get serious, we know what MB is not going to do in the free agency market, namely pick up impact players, and his draft won't vary much from expectations, so what does his master plan get us next year in terms of wins? My prediction:

1)Sweep Cleveland

2)Take one of 4 from pittsburgh steelers or Baltimore

3)Beat Oakland and, it looks like Miami at home.

4)Beat either Jags or San Diego, not both, on the road

5)If we're lucky, steal one from KC (vastly improved through free agency) or the Washington Redskins despite our LLLOOOONNNGGG history of losing to 1st year QBs

6) Lose 3 to NFC east and to Peyton-led Denver Broncos" class

I see 6 wins likely, max 7 wins if everything goes right again this year like last. Great job building on 2011 MB! What think the rest of the paying public?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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