T-Cha Mock Draft

I know I know, I been gone for a while, I been so busy with school..Lucky I am passing all of my classes Im so super happy and also with all this rain in Fresno,CA makes me want to go sleep, but I am so entice by doing a mock draft after so many test and so much work, I think i deserve a mock draft chance..also I'm on almost dont with my school for this semester, cant wait for Winter Break..

So on to my Mock Draft

Personally I would have trade down, but since its a mock I dont want to screw anything up, so its just back to the normal picking order unless someone gives up their entire draft for our #32 pick in the 1st round I have no trouble with it.. Okay on to the real stuff..

Oh Remember we are picking at the #32 slot

Explanations will be after the mock draft

Round 1: Jonathan Banks CB Mississippi State

Round 2(Via Oakland): Giovani Bernard RB North Carolina

Round 2: Arthur Brown LB Kansas State

Round 3: Phillip Thomas S Fresno State

Round 4: Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin

Round 5: Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech

Round 6 (via New England): Tyler Bray QB Tennessee

Round 6: Devin Taylor DE South Carolina

- I think this draft would be a perfect fit across the boards, we get another long term CB who can help us out since more than half of our DB's at this moment is either past their prime or its either that we are on their last year of their contract so we'll have to get a DB also the NFL is evolving a 3-4 WR set nowadays so it doesnt hurt having too much DB's who can play. As for getting a RB Bernard will thrive in this offense, with BJGE wearing down the Defense not picking up the long yardage, and being able to convert to keep drives going it would be helpful to bring in someone who can be dangerous in the passing game also would be great to use the screen game with a RB who has great speed. As for LB, I think that it will be a weird situation, because of how Vontaze and Rey has been playing. Rey has been playing good but not great, but I'll have to see at the end of the season. I also think that Phillip "Waka Flocka" Thomas out of Fresno State( Yuup) will be a X-factor this guy can catch, leads the College ranks with 8 INTS this year so you can say he has great hands and has great tackling ability, think of a Reggie Nelson and Ed Reed mix has the hands of Ed Reed and the tackling ability of Nelson. As for a OT in the 4th I'm thinking of a more of a Anthony Collins type of player, that guy is great if we get another one one of a Collins type player maybe we can let go of Roland. As far as WR and QB goes, I think we should just have a back-up plan, it would be helpful to get a WR and a QB can sit and learn, it would also help us a lot to use them as trading chips as well too, as for a DE we can get a steal this late and can steal produce..

Any other College prospect that I miss?? I have been looking at a lot of players but I can also look at more College prospects so I can take a look at it..

Give me some feedbacks?? It would be great

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