2 decades of Bengals RB’s

Ickey Woods had that 1 awesome season, and Brooks had 5 good seasons in the Black & Orange. But how have the Bengals fared at RB since then?

HAROLD GREEN (1990-1995)

Back in the days when RB’s were drafted as commonly as Matt Millen drafted WR's, he was the 10th RB drafted in 1990 as the Bengals’ mid second round pick.

He was the RB who helped usher in the 14 year string of non-winning seasons.

He spent 6 years as a starter leading the Bengals in rushing 4 times, but only once topped 750 yards, and never had more than 2 TD’s rushing.

His average line over those 6 seasons...12.5 starts, 161 rushes, 621 yards, 3.9 ypc, 1.3 td’s

DERRICK FENNER (1993-1994)

More of a FB than a true tailback, Fenner came to Cincy after scoring 18 TD’s in his final 2 years with Seattle.

Spent 1 season as a backup, before starting at FB his final 2 years in Cincy, his 468 yards in 1994 paced the Bengals.

His average line in those 2 seasons as a starter...13 starts, 131 rushes, 475 yards, 3.6 ypc, 1 td


The former #3 overall pick came to Cincy for 1 season after spending his first 3 years in Arizona.

His best work came for the 49ers after he departed Cincy.

His average line in that 1 season as a starter...15 starts, 284 rushes, 1070 yards, 3.8 ypc, 1 td

COREY DILLON (1997-2003)

Another mid-2nd round pick by Cincy, he was the 5th RB drafted in a class that included Tiki B & W Dunn

He cranked out 6 consecutive 1100+ yard seasons and reached 3 straight pro-bowls.

He started for the Bengals for 7 straight seasons, sharing time with Rudi in his 7th season as a Bengal.

His average line in his first 6 seasons as a starter...14 starts, 287 rushes, 1253 yards, 4.4 ypc, 7 td’s

RUDI JOHNSON (2004-2007)

A 4th round pick in 2007 by Cincy, he spent 2 years on the sidelines before contributing

Split duties with Dillon in 2003 before becoming the 330+ rush per season workhorse for the next 3

In a 3 year span, cranked out 1300~1458 yards with 12 TD’s each season.

Started 5 seasons with a split role in the 1st and injuries plaguing his 5th

His average line in his 4 healthy seasons as a starter...12.5 starts, 313 rushes, 1295 yards, 4.1 ypc, 11 td’s


Was with the Bengals from 2003 thru 2008, but always relegated to a backup role.

Compiled a 4.6 career ypc but that never earned him many carries as a Bengal.

Had his best season in Rudi’s last season when Rudi was injured.

His average line from his 1 season partially starting...5 starts, 178 rushes, 763 yards, 4.3 ypc, 7 td’s

CEDRIC BENSON (2008-2011)

The bust that was Chris Perry paved the way for Cincy to grab the Bears’ former bust C Benson

Produced 4 solid, yet unspectacular seasons as the Bengals workhorse.

His average line from his 4 seasons with Cincy...13.5 starts, 277 rushes, 1044 yards, 3.8 ypc, 5 td’s


He finally learned how to fumble once he reached Cincy, but as a guy who hasn’t played 1 full season yet, there’s still much to see how his Bengals’ tenure turns out. Reached the 1000 yard mark.

His average line from his first season (so far)...14 starts, 263 rushes, 1080 yards, 4.1 ypc, 6 td’s

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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