Mailbag: On Atkins Contract Extension, SD Win And Team Adapting To Injuries

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Hey, it's another mailbag. We discuss some things like Geno Atkins contract extension (more like needing one), win against the Chargers and the team adapting to injuries.

[We're revitalizing the mailbag again, discussing topics that you, our readers, email, tweet and comment on Facebook. We'll also take a few FanPosts and expand on our thoughts for additional discussion. If you have a question you want us to examine, or just want to see your name on these posts, please email me at]

+ @JasonLeonardMD on our twitter page wonders: "Any concern at the Bengals lack of re-signing contract year players like Geno. I'd hate to see him hit free agency, but you know Mike Brown."

Indeed. A quick correction. Geno Atkins is signed through 2013 and not playing the final year of his rookie contract. However the point is equally as important. There's no doubt that Cincinnati will have to address contract situations with upcoming free agents, such as Andre Smith, Rey Maualuga, Adam Jones, along with a handful of other role players.

On the other hand, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap will become free agents after the 2013 season. Usually teams apply a mindset to lock up their best young talent with extensions prior to the player entering the final year of his rookie deal. But as Jason pointed out, we know Mike Brown.

+ heywood08 writes during the postgame recap:

Can’t believe everyone is unimpressed with today. This was such a huge win today and if you thought this should be a cakewalk you haven’t been paying attention IMO. This was a big time trap game after three blowout wins would have been easy for them to overlook SD. Plus it was on the left coast where even when we are doing great we stink the place up. Tp win and pull it out at the end should propel this team for the stretch run.

What impressed me specifically was that while the offense amassed a heavy collection of mistakes, the defense and special teams (especially during the field position battle) stepped up to give the offense just enough time and space to mount a game-winning drive. It came midway through the fourth quarter, but it happened.

Sunday's game wasn't pretty offensively by any measure. But this team is showing that resolve we noted during the first half of last season. Except this time it's happening in the second half of the season; perfect timing.

+ Emey is impressed that the Bengals keep adapting when others face the wraith of injury.

Every time a player seems to be about to make an impact they’ve gotten hurt. Howard, DreKirk, Wharton, MJones, Sanu and now Peerman. And there’s probably others that I’m not thinking about. In years past we would have thrown in the towel, but we’ve finally become a team that can adapt.

Look at it this way. Howard's injury led to the promotion of Vontaze Burfict, the impressive young linebacker. Travelle Wharton's knee led to the promotion of Clint Boling, routinely listed as a top-ten guard by most grading services. Injuries to Armon Binns and Marvin Jones led to the promotion of Mohamed Sanu, who only scored four touchdowns in a three-game span.

Now the question is how will the Bengals replace the production of Sanu and Cedric Peerman.

[You can catch previous mailbags here]

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