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Updates and stories related to the Cincinnati Bengals Week 14 game against the Dallas Cowboys

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Week 14 Defensive Snap Count Against The Cowboys

Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals defensive snap distribution during the team's 20-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.


Week 14 Offensive Snap Count Against The Cowboys

Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals snap distribution during the team's 20-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.


Bengals Lose Opportunities And Game To Cowboys

The Cincinnati Bengals buried their heads into the ground and kicked opportunities in the balls during their 20-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.


Cowboys Kick Field Goal, Bengals Lose

The Bengals picked up one first down but went no further, as Dalton was sacked for a loss of 10 yards on third down. After the punt, Dallas' slow march down the field began. Third down conversion to Jason Witten following Terence Newman's dropped interception.

Bengals, with all their second half timeouts already wasted and completely unable to stop the Cowboys offense, could only watch and hope that Dallas would miss their field goal. After picking up a first down inside the Cincinnati 40-yard line, Romo threw an incomplete pass on first down. Then, completed a five-yard pass on second-down, setting up a crucial third-and-five with 1:20 left on the clock. DeMarco Murray took the handoff, ran to the right, stripped a tackled and dove forward to pick up the first-down.

The Cowboys ran the clock down on a short running play, setting up a 42-yard field goal with :04 remaining in regulation.

Good snap, good hold, good kick, Bengals lose.


Cowboys Gash Bengals Defense, Climb Back In

You had to figure that the mistakes would catch up with the Bengals at some point. Dropped passes and penalties have been the modus operandi for Cincinnati all day and the defense had been able to quell the Dallas offensive attack all afternoon. Save for midway in the fourth quarter.

Tony Romo sliced and diced the Bengals' defense, mostly on third down and/or long distances, and threw a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant to cut the Bengals lead. Kevin Ogletree had a big part in the drive, collecting two catches for 28 yards in critical situations. Romo hit Bryant on a 27-yard slant route for a touchdown.

Cincinnati has beat themselves all day and it's looking like it's beginning to catch up with them. Keep in mind that they don't have any timeouts left in the second half. Bengals have the ball midway through the fourth quarter, grasping to a 19-17 lead.


Nelson screwed on penalty, overcomes with sack

Hard hits are no longer allowed in the NFL. Obviously, not to the head, but not the body, ground, wall or self either.

After Josh Brown's 52-yard field goal, Dallas regained possession at their own 20-yard line. On third-and-long, Romo threw deep to Dez Bryant and momentarily connected for a long completion. But as he took the ball in, Reggie Nelson flew in with his shoulder and drilled Bryant in the chest (repeat: shoulder to chest), knocking the receiver to his back and jarring the ball loose. Nelson was called for a 15-yard penalty and the drive continued.

With a new set of downs, the Cowboys could do nothing. An incompletion on first and second-down was followed by pure justice--a Reggie Nelson sack to end the drive. Beautiful.

After a Dallas punt, Bengals took over at their own 34-yard line.


Bengals Extend Lead After Another Ugly Drive

Though the Bengals have controlled the clock and the game most of the afternoon, they haven't taken a chokehold on the contest. Be it penalties, misfires by Andy Dalton and/or drops by Bengals wide receivers, it has turned into an ugly day on offense. They have not done well in the red zone.

The biggest play of the last Bengals drive was from a hit-to-the-head penalty to wide receiver Marvin Jones which creeped the Bengals into Dallas territory. After another uncharacteristic drop from A.J. Green, his second in the game, the Bengals had to settle for a 52-yard field goal attempt by Josh Brown.

Brown nailed the long attempt and is four for four on the day.


Wacky Red Zone Possession Ends With Brown FG

With Dallas winning the pregame coin toss and electing to receive, the Cincinnati Bengals opened the second half on offense and quickly penetrate midfield within four plays, using an assortment of screens, quick passes and power runs.

With third and inches from the Cowboys 40-yard line with 12:41 remaining in the second quarter, Dalton fakes the handoff and finds a wide open Orson Charles, running from his LTE spot, sprinting out towards the left sidelines, picking up 17 yards on the first down conversion to the Cowboys 23-yard line.

After a momentary break on a nasty collision that had Morris Claiborne down on the field, the Bengals possession resumed with 11:45 remaining in the third.

An 11-yard Marvin Jones reception, Andrew Whitworth, Andy Dalton scramble and unsporsmanlike penalty on Cowboys defensive coordinator, two-yard BenJarvus Green Ellis run and illegal touch on Marvin Jones, include to Jermaine Gresham (was knocked out on hit in the endzone), too many players on the field by Dallas sets up a third and goal at the Cowboys seven-yard line.

Dalton flings the football to A.J. Green on a quick slant, but the sure-handed receiver, drops the football.

Josh Brown converts the field goal, extending the Bengals lead 16-10.


Michael Johnson Injures Right Foot, Questionable

The Bengals have suffered some odd injuries today against the Cowboys in a variety of different ways. One such play was when quarterback Tony Romo appeared to have been sacked by Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap late in the second quarter. Unfortunately for the Bengals, Dunlap grabbed Romo's facemask towards the end of the play which would have given the Bengals the ball back with great field position and a little time to work with.

It didn't work out that way, and also unfortunately, Johnson injured his right foot on the play while trying to drag Romo down. It's unclear how severe the injury is, but his return to the game is questionable at this point. Linebacker Rey Maualuga suffered a knee injury, was questionable and ultimately returned, so hopefully we see the same with Johnson. The Bengals only got pressure on Romo late in the second, so having Johnson back will be key.


Nelson interception ends Dallas threat, first half

The Cincinnati Bengals defense did everything possible to stay on the field at the end of the first half.

First, they allowed a 3rd-and-9 conversion on a Romo completion to Miles Austin, which went just out of the reach of Leon Hall. Then, on another third down, the Bengals' pass rush forced Romo out of the pocket without a single receiving option. As he scrambled, he was grabbed and tackled by several lineman. But, as Carlos Dunlap came in late to finish the sack, he grasped Romo's facemask to warrant a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

The Cowboys, gifted with a fresh set of downs, could not capitalize. After short completions, penalties and dropped passes, Dallas again faced a third down. And again, Romo was forced to helplessly run around. Avoiding the pass rush, Romo stepped back into the pocket, set his feet and fired deep into Cincinnati territory.

Reggie Nelson decided he had had just about enough of this nonsense, and intercepted the Romo pass. The Bengals regained possession, took a knee and went to halftime with a 13-10 lead.



The first half is over, with the Bengals holding onto a 13-10 half time lead. The Bengals look to put an end to the game with a win.


Bengals Take 13-10 Lead On Josh Brown FG

The Bengals lost their grip on the game with a costly Andy Dalton interception, but they continue to move the ball on offense and gather points. It wasn't the prettiest of drives, but the Bengals got some much-needed points and regained the lead shortly before the half.

The 12-play drive was highlighted by a one-handed 25-yard catch on third down by Jermaine Gresham that kept the drive alive. The Bengals used Brian Leonard quite a bit on the drive as well, as he had five carries for 15 yards, spelling BenJarvus Green-Ellis. The Law Firm did have a nice falling catch on the drive.

Unfortunately, quarterback Andy Dalton missed a wide open Andrew Hawkins for a would-be first down to continue the drive. The Bengals settled for a Josh Brown field goal from 33 yards out--his second of the day. The Bengals lead 13-10.


Maualuga injures ankle

Rey Maualuga came up lame as the Cincinnati Bengals defense stuffed a Dallas run on second-and-goal from the two-yard line. The injury occurred with 11:15 remaining in the second quarter, one play prior to the Cowboys' game tying touchdown run.

Maualuga jumped over the line to make the tackle and came down awkwardly with an apparent ankle injury. He had to be helped off the field.

He is questionable to return.

[UPDATE] Maualuga returned to the game with over three minutes remaining in the second quarter.


Cowboys Tie Game At 10 After Dalton Interception

Thanks to a partial block by Dan Herron on a punt (and a Cowboys-benefited) roll to the 25-yard line, the Benagls open their third possession of the game with 13:49 remaining in the first quarter.

Yet it was over just as quick.

Andy Dalton faked the hand off on first and ten from midfield, rolled out right, trying to muscle the football to A.J. Green near the 40-yard line. Brandon Carr intercepted the really ill-advised pass and returned it to the Bengals 27-yard line.

Tony Romo popped a fastball down the middle of the field to Jason Witten, picking up 25 yards to the two-yard line. After an overturned touchdown (Austin Miles juggled the football as he was going out of bounds), DeMarco Murray picked up minimal yards on second down, but jumped over the pile with outstretched arms, grasping the football and breaking the plane.

The game is tied with 10;33 remaining in the first half.


Josh Brown field goal extends Bengals lead, 10-3

The Cincinnati Bengals regained possession at the Cowboys 47-yard line following Dallas' less-than-stellar punt and prompty marched down the field. Marvin Jones brought in a low Dalton pass for 17 yards, and shortly after, A.J. Green moved the ball in the redzone with a 16-yard reception.

But following two short yardage plays and a sack on third down, the drive stalled and on came Josh Brown for his first field goal s a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. The 25-yard attempt was good, and the Bengals extended their lead, 10-3.

Dalton is now 5-of-7 on the day for 51 yards and one touchdown.


Bengals Respond To Cowboys Field Goal, Use Running

Oh, those tricky Bengals. Cincinnati responded resoundingly to the Cowboys' nice opening drive with an outstanding one of their own. Using a glut of running plays, the Bengals took advantage of a decimated Cowboys defense to take a 7-3 lead at home.

After a nice kick return by Brandon Tate, the Bengals used an up-the-gut 19 yard run play sprung by Chris Pressley's block and a 37-yard end around by rookie Marvin Jones. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden didn't stop there with the trickeration, either.

Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins took a pass/pitch from Andy Dalton, followed his blocks and scampered into the end zone on an eight-yard run after catch. It was perhaps the easiest touchdown pass of Dalton's career. The Bengals have a 7-3 lead, have stopped the Cowboys on a three-and-out and have great field position thanks to a terrible Cowboys punt.


Cowboys Take 3-0 Lead On 12-Play Drive

With the Cowboys winning the coin toss and electing to receive, the Bengals defense opened the game on defense.

And Dallas moved the football downfield. After a series of minimal gains on first and second down, the Cowboys have third and six from the Cowboys 24-yard line. Tony Romo hit wide receiver Dwayne Harris on a curl with Adam Jones covering. After the cornerback missed the tackle, Harris picked up a handful of yardage down the left sidelines, generating 21 yards and the first down.

The Cowboys chipped away through the air and ground, picking up chunks of yardage for short third down conversions, picking up multiple first downs with ease.

Eventually they have third and one from the Bengals 19-yard line with under nine minutes remaining in the first quarter. Tony Romo fakes to DeMarco Murray and makes a dangerous throw over the middle, nearly picked off by Chris Crocker.

The Cowboys take the early lead with a Dan Bailey field goal.


Dallas Cowboys To Receive After Winning Coin Toss

The Bengals captains for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys, including the regulars Andy Dalton and Rey Maualuga, are rounded out with Domata Peko, Andrew Whitworth and Reggie Miles.

The Dallas Cowboys won the coin toss and elect to receive.


Moment of Silence At Paul Brown Stadium

Prior to the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys, there will be a moment of silence at Paul Brown Stadium after the tragic death of Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown.

Brown was a passenger during an auto accident early Saturday morning. Josh Brent, the driver, was charged with intoxication manslaughter.


OPEN THREAD: Dallas Cowboys At Cincinnati Bengals

Week 14 is here and the Cincinnati Bengals continue their quest to make the postseason, hosting the Dallas Cowboys.


Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals Inactive List

The Cincinnati Bengals inactive list against the Dallas the Cowboys is expected, losing players who suffered injuries last week.


PREGAME OPEN THREAD: Cowboys at Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals host the Dallas Cowboys in a game with big postseason implications.


Cowboys at Bengals: All You Need To Know

A collections of stories, previews and information heading into Sunday's game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys.

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