Pre-Combine Mock Draft For the Bengals

Here I Go After A Lot of Thinking And Information I Have Dissected This Week Past Week Ball-"LIN"

With The 17th Overall Pick The Bengals Select Jeremy Lin out of Harvard!! lol jk But We can go Ball-LIN

Well here I go,

Round 1: Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina- I know this is crazy, but I think we can get a Dominant pass rusher and a guy who can play almost every situation in run or pass. This will make our line more scary up front with Dunlap, Johnson,Atkins and Ingram Scary Front to block.

Round 1: Peter Konz C Wisconsin- We should get Konz here to help protect the lines up front, if we can protect Dalton it would be more easier to throw and run as well so its like a RB system where any RB can thrive in the running game because the O-line will open lanes and all the RB have to do is cut and read and do their thing.

Round 2: Trumaine Johnson DB Montana- Johnson will probably fall to the bottom of the 2nd so we can pick him up and start him in the slot and probably on some base defense on the outside with his length and coverage skills. I know some of you guys think he has some character issues, but the guy was coming to the defense of his friend who got taze, unless coming to a friends defense is a character problem for some of you guys.

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati- Pead can return punts, return kickoffs, catch out of the backfield, and run between the tackle. I know some of you guys dont agree with me on the last one, but if we 1st upgrade our O-line, any RB can be successful, just look at James Starks of the Packer when they went on the Super Bowl Run 2 years ago, their O-line Dominated and they were still able to put on a rushing attack to keep opposing teams honest and them from playing the pass.

Round 4: Josh Robinson DB UCF- Robinson will be a great addition to the DB in the back end, he has the ball skills and the coverage ability to jam WR's and battle them all the way through, he also can return punts and kickoff as well too which will make him more valuable to the team. Also the kid has great talent, and I know he will be playing with a lot of chips on his shoulders proving people wrong.

Round 5: Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State- Jackson would be a steal here in the 5th he will be the next coming of Eric Berry, he was a great range of coverage and he can come up and help in the running game when asked too, but his strength is in Coverage which we really need help at in the Safety department.

Round 5: Keenan Robinson OLB- Robinson can play SLB if we dont get Lawson back and he has a similar build to Lawson as well too I think Robinson is around 6'3 or 6'4 around there and he has good coverage skills to match up with TE's and he looks pretty good in the open field but has a tendency to go for the big hit and not wrap up but Zimmer will clean that up.

Round 6: Brandon Lindsey OLB/DE Pittsburgh-Lindsey will be a great addition to the team with his size to rush the passer and also be a OLB who can drop into coverage and also become a run stuffer on the outside. He and Robinson has a similar type of playing style and they are both aggressive as well too.

Round 7: Mason Cloy C/OG Clemson- He will be learning so theres not much here, but he will be learning how to become a C/G combo so he can be called upon when someone is hurt and he will be used on the PS

Feedback and See what you guys think of this draft

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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