What To Do With $60Million Dollars


1st thing 1st

Before The Draft Free Agency

Own Bengals Free Agents

  1. Re-sign Reggie Nelson FS 4 year-18million, 4.5million per year
  2. Re-sign Anthony Collins OT 4 year-11million 2.75million per year
  3. Re-sign Pat Sims DT 4 year-10million 2.5million per year
  4. Re-sign Jonathan Fanene DL 3 year-8million 2.67million per year
  5. Re-sign Frostee Rucker DL 3 year-7.5million 2.5million per year
  6. Re-sign Mike Nugent K 3 year-8.5million 2.83million per year



NFL Free Agents Targets for Bengals


  1. Carl Nicks OG: Offer 5 years 42million dollar 8.4million per year
  2. Ben Grubbs OG: Offer 5 years 38 million dollar 7.6million per year
  3. Jared Gaither OT (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3year 5-7million
  4. Chilo Rachal OG (Secondary Offer Option) 3-4 year 5-7million
  5. Oniel Cousins OG (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 5million


  1. Michael Bush RB:Offer 3 year 11.5million 3.83 million per year


  1. Josh Johnson QB(Secondary Offer Option)2-4year 4-6million


  1. Marques Colston WR: Offer 4 year 28million 7million per year
  2. Reggie Wayne WR: Offer 3 year 15million 5million per year
  3. Stevie Johnson WR: Offer 4 year 25million 6.25million per year
  4. Pierre Garcon WR (Secondary Offer Option)3-4 year 12million
  5. Early Doucet WR (Secondary Offer Option)2-4 year 4million


  1. Martellus Bennett TE: Offer 4year 11million 2.75million per year
  2. Fred Davis TE (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4 year 9-12 million
  1. Mario Williams DE:Offer 5year 55million 11million per year
  2. Calais Campbell DE Offer 4 year 32million per year 8 million per year


  1. Curtis Lofton LB:Offer 5year 42million 8.4million per year
  2. London Fletcher LB:Offer 3year 12million 4 million per year
  3. Kirk Morrison LB:Offer 3 year 10 million 3.3million per year
  4. Geno Hayes LB (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4year 4-6million
  5. Rocky McIntosh LB (Secondary Offer Option)2-4year 5-7million


  1. Brandon Carr CB (Secondary Offer Option)
  2. Cortland Finnegan CB(Secondary Offer Option)
  3. Stanford Routt CB (Secondary Offer Option)
  4. Terrell Thomas CB:Offer 4 year 12million 3 million per year
  5. Aaron Ross CB (Secondary Offer Option)
  6. Richard Marshall CB Offer 3year 9million 3 million per year
  7. Tracy Porter CB:Offer 4 year 13million 3.25million per year


  1. Tyvon Branch SS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4 year 18million
  2. LaRon Landry SS: Offer 4 year 22million 5.5million per year
  3. Michael Griffin SS: Offer 4 year 25million 6.25million per year
  4. Thomas DeCoud FS: Offer 3 year 12million 4 million per year
  5. Dwight Lowery FS: Offer 4 year 15million 3.75million per year
  6. Jarrett Bush FS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 2-3.5million
  7. Haruki Nakamura FS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 2-3.5million
  8. Corey Lynch FS (Secondary Offer Option)2-3 year 2-3.5million


Ben Grubbs OG

Mario Williams DE

Stevie Johnson WR

Spent: $24.85million


NFL Draft

Trade Round 1 from OAK 6th and 7th round pick+2013 1st round+3rd round to Vikings for 1st+3rd round+4th round pick

Round 1: Morris Claiborne DB LSU

Round 1: Janoris Jenkins DB North Alabama

Round 2: Brandon Thompson Clemson

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati

Round 3: Marvin Jones WR California

Round 4: Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State

Round 4: Brandon Brooks OG Miami(Ohio)

Round 5: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas

Round 5: Brandon Lindsey OLB/DE Pittsburgh

Free Agency After NFL Draft

  1. Bobbie Williams OG 2 year 6-8million

What do ya Think?? What Should we do with 60million

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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