Bengal4ever Mock / FA

Free Agency

RB-Micheal Bush

SS-Laron Landry

CB-Stanford Routt


Reggie Nelson

PacMan Jones

Anthony Collins

Mike Nugent

Frostee Rucker

Jonathan Fanene


Round 1: Kendall Wright WR Baylor- We need a guy with blazing speed to create seperation and get open quick. Wright has the hands & the speed to really help out our offense. Teams wouldn't know what to do with our 6-4 Green and a burner like Wright.

Round 1: Cordy Glenn OG Georgia- As of right now it looks like we might not be looking to sign Carl Nicks since were trying to sign Stanford Routt for a who knows how much. So we will have to address our OG need in the draft and Cordy Glenn is our best option.

Round 2: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson- We need a run stopper to take Peko's spot. If we could have another DT to go alongside Geno i think he could help out our whole D line by adding pressure up the middle to collapse the pocket and force the qb outside where Dunlap or Johnson can make a play.

Round 3: Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State- He plays at a smaller school, but dominates there competiton. He holds his blocks and i've heard he is very physical and plays with alot of intensity. From the highlights i've seen he plays fairly well and he may actually be able to start for us over Boling.

Round 4: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas- Robinson would be a good pickup in a late round. He can get off blocks and locate the ball and make a play. He shows good technique when attacking the ball carrier by taking good angles. I think he would be a good backup to Manny Lawson.

Round 5: Bobby Rainey RB Western Kentucky- Rainey is quick, he shows good vision and jukes defenders by making them shift there momentum. He doesn't break to many tackles but he makes it happen by manuevering his way past defenders. I like him as a late round pick he's got some skills.

Round 5:Julian Miller DE West Virginia- Miller can get to the Qb, he's had a high number of sacks in his career & he could be a valuable 5th round pick.

Round 6: Devon Wylie WR Fresno State- This kid is fast & can juke somebody out of there shoes, he could be a Wes Welker type player. I really liked what i seen from him on some highlights. He's a good kick returner showing good vision and can change his direction quick. He shows a quick burst off the line at WR and uses his quickness and speed to get open & he also has excellent hands.

Round 7: Bob Hebert C LSU- I'd take a center just to have someone behind Cook. He played for LSU and from what i've read he's been well coached and shows good technique. But he struggles with some injuries.

Devon Wylie Highlights... are better highlight with a better visual but this is all of his highlights, check this guy out.

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