T-Cha's Full Analysis and In-Depth Research Dissecting The Bengals

I was thinking that I should do more in-depth analysis research as well as dissect the Bengals

Jeremy Lin!!

I happy that Mike Zimmer didnt get hire, I mean which this will put more chip on Zimmer's shoulder which will make him want to improve the Defense and have them fire from all cylinders, as for Jay, it was a good thing he didnt leave, he know that if he left Cincy it would take years to re-build an organization and he already has his eyes set on Dalton so theres no chance he would leave Cincinnati hanging around and besides he convince them to take Dalton in the 2nd so theres not point of leaving, it like having a home which you already paid leaving it for a new home which isnt built yet, but let's keep going on

1st I'll start with the Topic of Bengals Free Agency Need to Sign

  • Reggie Nelson FS: He is our Ed Reed in our Defense, he comes up in the running game he HITS people in the mouth and he is also been good in coverage, I know that he has been beaten sometimes when he takes a false step in the running game and play action, I think this is because the front 7 cannot contain which leads to him coming up too often and leaving a big seam behind him, but I think Zimmer can fix it since we will get new additions along the Line and back end
  • Pat Sims DT: Sims eats up the 2 blockers on the inside which allows the LB's and everyone else in the back to play in their gaps and hold their ground and not over pursuit on running plays,which helps out our back-end, I think Sims presence helps Nelson in the Coverage game a lot because Nelson wouldnt take a false step and he would be able to play center-field Safety.
  • Anthony Collins OT: I think he will be a Great Tackle in the NFL somewhere, We had a steal when we picked him up in the 4th round in the NFL Draft in 2008 if i can recall, but let's keep going, I think he is the better Pass Protector out of all the Tackles we have, maybe except Andrew Whitworth, but to be honest, he's a great back-up who can start somewhere else.
  • Mike Nugent K: Can You say "Clutch" man this guy has been money for us this past year, made critical plays down the stretch to help us win games and extend leads into a 2 possession and also has been very good in the kickoff team, he has all the tools to become a great kicker in the NFL, I know he struggle down the stretch a little bit with some misses and some bad decisions( Pittsburgh game where he took a long time to set-up for the FG,which led to a 5-yard penalty and a block FG) but I think hes more better and clutch than Shanye Graham, Enough Said.

This leads to the Contracts I think the Bengals should offer to these 4 guys above

  1. Reggie Nelson FS 4 year-18million, 4.5million per year
  2. Pat Sims DT 4 year-10million 2.5million per year
  3. Anthony Collins OT 4 year-11million 2.75million per year
  4. Mike Nugent K 3 year-7.5million 2.25million per year

This are the other Bengals Free Agents I would still keep in mind which still have value to our team,hopefully we can find a spot on the roster for these 3 players as well too.

  1. Bobbie Williams OG- Williams has been a great Veteran leader in the locker room as well as on the field, but sometimes his penalties kind of make you think to yourself, Come On Man!! But Im not here to diss anyone, I think he has done a very good job of helping the Bengals Line up-front with his leadership and his presence on the field also being able to produce at a very high level for his age.
  2. Jonathan Fanene DL- This guys just makes you go WOW!! a 7th round draft choice who worked his way on up to become a great situational role player for the team, he has been able to produce when he is healthy and he has been putting up great numbers ever since the Bengals went into the rotation up-front with the D-line, he has benefit from it and took his chances recording 6.5 sacks.
  3. Frostee Rucker DE- Rucker has been an up and down player, but ever since he got healthy he has been bringing pressure as well too, he has help the D-line improve with his ability to play inside or outside on the line, just like Fanene, even though his numbers dont standout to you, his play and hustle will.
  4. Brandon Johnson LB- Johnson has been good in our system where he is able to use his height and coverage skills to be in our nickel formations and play pass coverage very well, I think if he comes at the right price, We should bring him back
  5. Manny Lawson LB- Has done a very good job to come in and fill in the SLB spot for us, I think he exceeded our expectations a little bit because he was a 3-4 OLB when he was with the 49ers, but he has shown us that he can be a very good SLB in a 4-3 Defense as well too, I think he is the same as Johnson if he can comes at the right price then we should bring him back

So these are the contracts Im going to offer to them

  • Bobbie Williams OG 2 years-5million 2.5million per year
  • Jonathan Fanene DL 2 years-6million 3 million per year
  • Frostee Rucker DE 2 years-5.5million 2.75million per year
  • Brandon Johnson LB 2 years-5million 2.5million per year
  • Manny Lawson LB 2 years-6.25million 3.1million per year

Before we go into the Bigger Free Agent Market, I think we should do this 1st of all

  1. Restructure Robert Geathers Contract to a more minimum cost 2 year-3.5million 1.75million per year with a bonus of 2-3million if he can start at least start 12 games and have 6 or more sacks

So this move would allow us to have more breathing room in Free Agency

Since we Already have $60 Million save up I think with Geathers Contract reconstructed, we will at least have $62-65million left over,

Now Heres the list of Free Agents the Bengals should look at


  1. Carl Nicks OG: Offer 5 years 52million dollar 10.4million per year
  2. Ben Grubbs OG: Offer 5 years 49 million dollar 9.8million per year
  3. Jared Gaither OT (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3year 5-7million
  4. Chilo Rachal OG (Secondary Offer Option) 3-4 year 5-7million
  5. Oniel Cousins OG (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 5million


  1. Michael Bush RB:Offer 3 year 11.5million 3.83 million per year
  2. Tim Hightower RB: (Secondary Offer Option) 1-2 year-3-4million


  1. Josh Johnson QB(Secondary Offer Option)2-4year 4-6million


  1. Marques Colston WR: Offer 4 year 35million 8.75million per year
  2. Reggie Wayne WR: Offer 3 year 15million 5million per year
  3. Stevie Johnson WR: Offer 4 year 25million 6.25million per year
  4. Pierre Garcon WR (Secondary Offer Option)3-4 year 12million
  5. Robert Meachem WR: Offer 3 years 8million 2.6million per year
  6. Early Doucet WR (Secondary Offer Option)2-4 year 4million


  1. Martellus Bennett TE: Offer 4year 11million 2.75million per year
  2. Fred Davis TE (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4 year 9-12 million


  1. Mario Williams DE:Offer 6year 72million 12million per year
  2. Calais Campbell DE Offer 4 year 32million per year 8 million per year


  1. Curtis Lofton LB:Offer 5year 42million 8.4million per year
  2. London Fletcher LB:Offer 3year 12million 4 million per year
  3. Kirk Morrison LB:Offer 3 year 10 million 3.3million per year
  4. Geno Hayes LB (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4year 4-6million
  5. Rocky McIntosh LB (Secondary Offer Option)2-4year 5-7million


  1. Brandon Carr CB (Secondary Offer Option) 4 year 22million 5.5million per year
  2. Cortland Finnegan CB(Secondary Offer Option) 3 year 14million 4.6million per year
  3. Stanford Routt CB (Secondary Offer Option) 2 year 5million 2.5million per year
  4. Terrell Thomas CB:Offer 4 year 12million 3 million per year
  5. Aaron Ross CB (Secondary Offer Option) 2 year 6million 3 million per year
  6. Richard Marshall CB Offer 3year 9million 3 million per year
  7. Tracy Porter CB:Offer 4 year 15million 3.75million per year


  1. Tyvon Branch SS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-4 year 18million
  2. LaRon Landry SS: Offer 4 year 16.5million 4.1million per year
  3. Michael Griffin SS: Offer 4 year 22million 5.5million per year
  4. Thomas DeCoud FS: Offer 3 year 12million 4 million per year
  5. Dwight Lowery FS: Offer 4 year 15million 3.75million per year
  6. Jarrett Bush FS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 2-3.5million
  7. Haruki Nakamura FS (Secondary Offer Option) 2-3 year 2-3.5million
  8. Corey Lynch FS (Secondary Offer Option)2-3 year 2-3.5million

My Take on Mario Williams

I know some people want Mario Williams,but the point is that are we willing to pay this guy over at least +$10million to play for us and see him go down with a season ending injury or have him suffer a major injury that keep him out of the line-up, thats the only big problem I see with Williams, its not that I dont like Williams, but I dont want to invest so much into a DE who hasnt been able to finish a full season at least more than twice, I would love the addition of Williams but at a lesser cost, if he was not that much injure prone, I pay him top dollars for his service to start opposite of Dunlap. If we can talk this out with Williams, I think I would personally offer him at least 7-8million dollars and have an extra 6-9million dollar bonus if he is able to play the full season and start all 16 games as well as have at least 10 sacks or more, which will motivate him more to prove to us that he is worth top dollar.

I personally would love these Signings to happen

  1. Carl Nicks/Ben Grubbs either one is fine with me (Nicks 5 years 52million dollar 10.4million per year) (Grubbs 5 years 49 million dollar 9.8million per year)
  2. Mario Williams DE 6year 72million 12million per year--(Also see My Take on Mario Williams for more information)
  3. Tracy Porter DB 4 year 15million 3.75million per year
  4. Martellus Bennett TE 4year 11million 2.75million per year

With Nicks we are going to spend(remember have at least $62-65million left)

Spend: $28.9 million

Available: $36.1 Million

After all of our Bengals FA: $21.6million(1st group Nelson's group)+Bobbie Williams

With Grubbs we are going to spend(remember have at least $62-65million left)

Spend: $28.3 million

Available: $36.7 Million

After all of our Bengals FA: $22.2million(1st group Nelson's group)+Bobbie Williams

A More Realistic Free Agent Signing

If we can somehow convince Carl Nicks or Ben Grubbs to come here and overpay a little bit for their talent, they would attract other stars to come help too because we are just a few pieces away from being a contender, if we somehow can get at least 2-3 Superstars and a few role players to come in we will do great in the draft so this will be my standard of a good Free Agency Period

  1. Convince either Nicks of Grubbs to come here and play( any RB can run with this line up front)
  2. Get Williams to come here and play(which will make our Defense near the top in the league)
  3. Overpay them

NFL Draft 2012

Trade our 21st pick+6th+7th round with 2013 1st round+2nd+5th to Vikings for 2012 1st+3rd+4th round pick

Round 1: Morris Claiborne DB LSU- If we can somehow land Claiborne, you can say we are a contender for years to come in the AFC North and the AFC for a long time here, we get the best DB in the nation with a DC who will be looking to be proving those other organizations that didnt hire him for their open HC job

Round 1: Trent Richardson RB Alabama- The RB position gets devalue since its a passing league now, but Trent Richardson falls to us at 17 and we will be able to combine the likes of Richardson,Gresham,Shipley,Green and Dalton

Round 2: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson- One of the Best DT in the land who can provide constant pressure up the middle to make the QB move backward and run to the outsides where our DE's will be waiting for him, which means you cant double Dunlap, Atkins or Williams if we can get him.

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati- We go get the next best all around RB who can split carries with Richardson and also as well has return kicks and have vision to help set-up blocks for his blockers and break the game wide open with Pead and Richardson on a passing down you cant double just Green or Gresham, the LB's will be able to play man to man as well.

Round 3: Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State-Address the G position and add some depth to the line, also can become a starter over at RG and help make the line stronger, but the more I think of getting Amini I think we have a mauling O-line up front.

Round 4: Marvin Jones WR California- Think of Chad Johnson without all the crazy stuff he has the body of Chad Johnson the guy who tore up the NFL at one point in time which led to coverage rolling towards his side, I think Jones have that type of Potential but he can come in and help out at the #2WR spot with no problem.

Round 4:Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State-Get a late steal in this draft, Jackson is the 2nd coming of Eric Berry, I think he will be great as a SS or a FS, he is able to come to the box and lay the wood on opposing RB and wrap up his tackle which will make our Defense Very Scary

Round 5: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas- He will add depth to the LB and also as well as he can play SLB if we dont get Lawson back.

Round 5: Brandon Lindsey OLB/DE Pittsburgh- He will add depth to the LB and also help out on ST as well as compete for the SLB spot if its open competition in camp

Cutting(3): Brandon Tate WR, Bernard Scott RB, Chris Crocker FS

Letting Walk(16): RB Cedric Benson, WR Andre Caldwell, WR Jerome Simpson, TE Donald Lee, TE Bo Scaife, OL Nate Livings, OL Mike McGlynn, OT Dennis Roland, DE Jonathan Fanene, DE Frostee Rucker, LB Brandon Johnson, LB Manny Lawson, CB Kelly Jennings, CB Adam Jones, S Gibril Wilson

2012 Roster


QB: Andy Dalton, Bruce Gradkowski

RB: Trent Richardson,Isaiah Pead,Brian Leonard,Cedric Peerman

FB: Chris Pressley

TE: Jermaine Gresham, Martellus Bennett, Colin Cochart

LT: Andrew Whitworth, Anthony Collins

LG: Ben Grubbs/Carl Nicks, Clint Boling

C: Kyle Cook

RG: Bobbie Williams,Amini Silatolu

RT: Andre Smith

WR: AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Jordan Shipley, Andrew Hawkins, Ryan Whalen


DE: Mario Williams,Robert Geathers,Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson

DT: Geno Atkins,Domata Peko,Pat Sims, Brandon Thompson

WLB: Thomas Howard,Dontay Moch,Brandon Lindsey

MLB: Rey Maualuga, Dan Skuta

SLB: Keith Rivers,Rodderick Muckelroy, Keenan Robinson

CB: Leon Hall, Nate Clements, Morris Claiborne,Tracy Porter, Brandon Ghee

FS: Reggie Nelson, Janzen Jackson

SS: Taylor Mays, Robert Sands

Special Teams(3)

K:Mike Nugent

P: Kevin Huber

LS: Clark Harris

Thanks for reading And I would love all the Feed backs and thoughts of every CJ member on here and all the Editors as well too, I Also want to say that I have 2 roster spot open so see who would fit into this roster so just comment below and also REC this and gimme me feed backs too I need to see what I am missing on and what i need to improve

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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