Concerned about the Marvin Lewis combine transcript?

Q: Concerned about (Rey) Maualuga?
ML: There’s a concern. What he does away from football is important. He has to make good choices and decisions.

Could this be a signal Lewis is growing tired of Maualuga's alcohol troubles. Thurman's end in Cincy came quick once Marvin tired of his off the field behavior. How much leeway remains for Maualuga before Marvin considers drafting a replacement?

Q: How do you feel about your safeties?

ML: We have two great prospects.

Does it appear the Bengals are feeling no pressure to make a splash in free agency at strong safety?

Q: Envision a Sands or Mays playing more?
ML: Through competition, we’ll see. Reggie (Nelson) is a free agent player, we would like to have him back but we’ll see. We’re prepared to go either way.

Wait, we're prepared to go on without Reggie Nelson? So the safety options in 2012 could be Mays, Sands, and Crocker?

Q: Do you envision you guys tagging anyone?
ML: Possibly.

Coming back in from my ledge. Maybe Marvin was only kidding about life after Nelson. Unless they are planning on franchising Nugent instead?

Q: Have you reached out to any of your big name (free agents)?
ML: Some of their agents have been contacted.

Ok, maybe we're talking to both Nelson and Nugent, preparing to franchise one of them if we can't work out a deal.

Q: You’ve done well taking corners in the first round. Is that where the crème de la crème is taken?
ML: Yes. There’s research that says the best starting corners are first-round picks."

Marvin telling us, the Bengals are aware the best cornerbacks are available in the first round. And securing a starter would be best served by a first round pick?

Q: Opposite of guards?
ML: They’re like linebackers. They are sprinkled throughout.

Whereas starting guards are available later in the draft. And Linebackers too, remember the first Marvin quote up top? Could Marvin be suggesting the Bengals will be looking for a mid to late round guard and linebacker?

Q: Tackle Anthony Collins as a potential guard?
ML: Anthony was not keen when we tried to use him at guard. He didn’t quite understand it.

Collins is a backup tackle in Cincy and we're not going to start him as a guard. Meaning unless he's willing to come back to Cincy for backup tackle money, he'll be elsewhere in 2012. Like Evan Mathis.

Q: Jim McNally as consultant?
ML: That really doesn’t need to be talked about. It’s great. It’ll give us – me – a different perspective on things.

A different perspective from who and on what? Different than Paul Alexander's view of the depth chart for the offensive line? Or different draft prospect suggestions than Alexander's board?

Q: What about the UC running back (Isaiah Pead)?
ML: I think he’s a really good prospect. I haven’t watched tape of him yet.

I know his name but don't consider looking at his game footage to be worth my time? How about, I'm actually interested in Pead and only trying to act coy.

Q: How much would bringing in a vet help a young receiver group?
ML: I don’t know, I think we’re beyond that.

Don't even entertain the thought of a veteran wide receiver coming to Cincy via free agency?

Q: Is this most important offseason for fans to be aggressive in free agency?
ML: For whatever reason people beat us up. Aggressive free agency, tell me what aggressive free agency the Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens have had?

Don't even entertain the thought of big free agency moves for Cincy in 2012? Could this be a smoke screen?

Source: Josh and the mothership.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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