HA HA first one:) - Bengal's post combine mock draft

Round 1

#17 - Trent Richardson (RB) - Don't worry, he will fall to us. It looks like Poe may have worked himself into the top half of the draft, and I think someone may reach for Tannehil early as well (it happens every year with a QB). With the apparent RB depth it's looking more and more like he may fall to us this year.

#21 - Stephon Gilmore (CB) - He's solidified his1rst round grade this week. He's also the type of player the Bengals covet, Hardnosed bring your lunch pail to work type of guy who is big, physical and strong against the run.

Round 2

Kevin Zeitler (G)- Great value and fills a huge need. He comes from a program known for producing quality o-lineman and there scheme appears to be similar to ours so the transition for him should be seamless.

Round 3

Tommy Streeter (WR) - Well we found are big fast downfield threat to play opposite AJ. Andy often likes to throw the ball up and let our WR's go get and that is just his style.

Round 4

Derrek Wolf (DL) - I think we will lose either Simms or Fanene. In this scenario I'm going with Fanene. Derrek Wolfe can come in and fill that void. We should be able to line him up both inside and outside just like we were able to with Fanene

Round 5

Jerry Franlin (ILB) - Rey may be facing a suspension. Muckelroy is coming off a torn achilles, which is a scary injury to come back from so we need to add depth at ILB. This guy is smart and athletic and has over 100 tackles each of the last 2 years in the SEC, which is the NFL's minor league

Janzen Jackson (S) Most people who are on here regularly probably know I really tend to shy away from guys with red flags or character concerns. However, once you get into the later rounds I think the risk can start to be worth the reward because the picks are now NOT as valuable. This guy has the potential to be a real steal if he can keep his head on straight. As I stated, this is the point where I think we can start taking chances on guys with character issues or relatively unknowns (from small schools) with big upsides because if they don't work out we just cut them.

Round 6

Damario Davis (OLB) - This is a guy from a small school (Arkansas State) who I really like. He's another guy with a huge upside who could be a steal at this point in the draft. At the very least, he can contribute right away on special teams and add depth to our LB's.

Round 7

Ronald Leary (G/T) - He has nice size and strength with pretty good athleticism. He's played both guard and tackle so he is versatile as well. It's always good to grab as much o-line depth as possible in my opinion.

Note: If Richardson is gone, DeCastro should be available. If that's the case we simply take DeCastro at 17 and Doug Martin in the 2nd. I think Martin will be there in 2nd when we pick because Richardson, Miller and Wilson should all go ahead of him, based on most of the draft analyst predictions.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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