T-Cha's New Depth Mock Draft

Well Since The Super Bowl Is Over And I Dont Have School On Tuesday And Thursday, I Decided To Do Some Research And Do A Little Mock Draft For The Bengals

Scenario 1

Free Agents Acquisition

  1. Michael Bush RB
  2. Michael Griffin SS
  3. Chilo Rachal OG

Mock Draft Version 1

Round 1: Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

Analysis: I personally think he's probably the Best CB after Claiborne, If only he was back at Florida, he would have been a guarantee Top10-15 pick without a doubt, also his off the field issues may scare some teams away which will cost him to fall a bit in the draft, but I think he would be a steal in the draft, with his ability to play bigger WR and disrupting their routes, and also playing in zone and man will give us more flexibility also he will be the speedster in the secondary after we lost JJoe in Free Agency

Round 1: Peter Konz C Wisconsin

Analysis: I think if David DeCastro dont fall to 17th slot, we can get Konz at 21, he has a great IQ and also he is able to hold his own, he can play both Center and either Guard position which will help us in a lot of ways, he can help hold up the pocket and keep Dalton clean without having to worry about inside pressure getting to him, also this would help Gresham in the passing game as well.

Round 2: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

Analysis: Zimmer's Defense and Schemes will benefit from getting a big inside DT who can constant eat Double team as well as getting penetration from the inside to force the QB move to the outside where Dunlap and Johnson will be waiting for, if we can constantly pressure the QB, he will force some throws and will lead to turnovers for our defense which will give our offense an extra possession too.

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati

Analysis: I know I know you guys want Doug Martin out of Boise State, but here's what I see in Pead, people think he wont be able to carry the load of carries in the NFL, and they will just think of him a Change of Pace RB who will get around 8-15 carries a game and come in on 3rd down, I think he will eventually put himself to work and he will totally tear up the NFL just like how Chris Johnson when he got 2000 yards and he kind of reminds me of Darren Sproles with his ability to catch and run and as well as return kicks, the kid will be Special, if we use him right in the offense I think we may just have ourselves a steal.

Round 4: Josh Robinson CB Central Florida

Analysis: Hopefully he will be here when we select in the 4th, well the kid has a lot to prove, I think he's motivated enough to show others what he can do and that he will become one of the best CB if we gave him the shot, I also think he will be a great duo with Jenkins in the secondary with his speed and ball skills, After I read about Robinson and his draft grade over on MTD, it seems as if he is going to go out and prove people wrong and showing he is better than what they gave him, if he falls here I take him in a heartbeat and the Bengals will be set for a long time in the secondary.

Round 5: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas

Analysis: His plays will bring him down a bit, maybe into the 5th, I mean just his mental game aspects, Zimmer will clean that up in a hurry and bring this guy in to compete with the LB's we already have. This will make camp more interesting than ever, are we going to Trade Keith Rivers then?? or are we going to cut someone else. I think Robinson is like a Manny Lawson type of player, tall and long hands and is good in run support and is okay in coverage.

Round 5: Matt Reynolds OT BYU

Analysis: After addressing most of our needs, we go after depth here, also as well as get some players who can contribute and can fill in for an injury, I think Reynolds can be suited of LT so he can back-up Whitworth on the left side, also i heard he can play guard as well, isnt that a typical Bengals OL men draft in the later rounds? Well getting depth along the line will help this team in the Future.

Round 6: Damien Jackson FS Ole Miss

Analysis: We get a back-up FS who can play behind Reggie Nelson and maybe can even try to get a spot at SS, Jackson has the tools to become great, if he can put it together and not think too much he would be a great duo with Nelson, but at this moment we can have him contribute on special teams and play behind Nelson

Round 7: Darrell Scott RB South Florida

Analysis: A RB at 240lbs and can run a 4.4 in the 40 is rare, well this maybe a shocker, but if we can pair him with our RB's it would be deathly, Michael Bush to punish the Defense, Pead to outrun them, and Scott to run them over and get away from the opposing defense.

Scenario 2

Free Agents Acquisition

  1. Ben Grubbs/Carl Nicks OG
  2. Stevie Johnson WR
  3. Martellus Bennett TE

Mock Draft Version 2

Round 1: Dre Kirkpatrick DB Alabama

Analysis: He will certainly have a small fall after his arrest, but I still think he will improve his stock at the combine, but he is his here at 17 we will have a great Corner for years to come, also he has the size to play against bigger WR and with his long arms he can jam WR at the line before the WR and make a move, also with his size, he may play zone as well too.

Round 1: Mark Barron SS Alabama

Analysis: We address the Need of a bigtime SS who can hit can cover, I think Barron will be here at the 21 slot, I know a lot of people say he dont make plays often because he was on a great defense built around him from the front 7 to the back 4. That maybe true as well, but the guy may have something special and Im thinking Zimmer would help him in his coverage so he can be better.

Round 2: Brandon Washington OG Miami,FL "U"

Analysis: Just because we sign BIG NAMES FA during the Free Agency Period doesnt mean it solves our O-line problems, we can only build on it, we get BIG NAMES Free Agents and then we draft to help build the position forward on, Washington will be a great steal in the 2nd, for some reason I am thinking he will become a future pro bowler in the next 2-5 years, but I think we can double dip at the OG position both in FA and the Draft.

Round 3: Bernard Pierce RB Temple

Analysis: Big powerful runner who can run over defenders, we can use him to run in between the tackles to force the opposing teams to put 8 man in the box and also we can use him on short yardage as well as in Goal Line situations, but I think he is more or a bruiser than a speedster.

Round 4: Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State

Analysis: If he was at Tennessee still, he probably a late 1st or 2nd round pick, if he didnt get dismiss from Tennessee their wouldnt be question about his character issue, but lets put that aside, the guy can play no doubt about it, he and Eric Berry was the best Duo Safeties when he and Berry was at Tennessee, he will be a steal in this draft, he might be the next best FS in the draft, he will probably fight for the back-up spot.

Round 5: Brandon Lindsey OLB/DE Pittsburgh

Analysis: We get a combo OLB/DE who sounds like Manny Lawson, he has the talent to rush the passer as well as play OLB, this would benefit our Defense who can play mulitple spots along the line, I think he can come in as a situational passing down to line up with Dunlap,Johnson,and Atkins this will benefit our D-line Rotation as well too.

Round 5: Donnie Fletcher DB Boston College

Analysis: We can get great value here if Fletcher falls, he has the size to hold his own on the outside, or he may even compete for the #4 DB spot on the roster and for some playing time as well too, he has to clean some of his techniques and Zimmer will do just that to help his form to become a better DB.

Round 6: AJ Jenkins WR Illinois

Analysis: We can get a great pick here, he has the speed and the hands to hold on to the ball, also he can stretch the field so having Jenkins would be a great value besides Stevie Johnson would be opposite of AJ Green so we will have a deadly combo across the boards. In a 4WR set or even 3 WR set with Jermaine Gresham

Round 7: Landon Walker OT Clemson

Analysis: Walker has improved a lot he has gotten better every time he played, which can improve his stock, also that he will benefit from sitting out a year and compete later on, he will have great competition across from him, with Dunlap and Johnson, which will only help him improve, I think he wont be able to make the roster but he can be on the PS too

Scenario 3 (My Idea if I was running things)

Free Agents Acquisition

  1. Carl Nicks OG
  2. Michael Bush RB

Mock Draft Version 3 (Sorry for the trades)

Round 1: David DeCastro OG Stanford

Analysis: We get the Best OG in the Draft and we also signed one of the best OG in Free Agency this will help our O-Line big time, which will allow us to do a lot of different things on offense as well as get Jermaine Gresham more involved on Offense too.

  • Round 1: Trade down for Colts 2nd round+3rd+ 2013 3rd round

Round 2: Janoris Jenkins DB North Alabama (From Colts)

Analysis: We solidify our O-line and now we go out and get a Top 10-15 Talent in the top of the 2nd which will help Zimmer and everyone else on Defense, since we are going to play more zone coverage, and Jenkins will be great in both man and zone concepts.

  • Round 2:(Trade down +6th and 7th for 3rd+ 2 4th round picks Redskins)

Round 3: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati (from Washington Redskins)

Analysis: I think Pead will be a gem, he has the tools to become great, I think his best skills are having the ball in his hands and setting up teams as well, just look at his punt return skills in the Senior Bowl, he doesnt dance too much and when a RB sees a seam, they get to it and cut up field, thats why he is so special just look at Darren Sproles who has the vision as a runner and also in the returning game.

Round 3: Josh Robinson DB University of Central Florida

Analysis: AJ is our scout, he will give us all the information he knows about Josh Robinson to us, lol jk, but okay he is great, he shut down AJ and he can hold his own as much as anyone he also have the return abilities and which can help provide us some depth at the Punt returning position with Pead and Robinson, He's going to be a special player.

Round 4: Marvin Jones WR California (From Redskins)

Analysis: We get a great #2 WR option opposite of AJ Green he can catch and stretch the field, just think of him as a young "Chad Johnson", the Chad that was tearing up the NFL at one point which led to NFL Defenses double teaming him and shading coverage over his side, but he'll come right in and fill in the #2 WR spot.

Round 4: Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State (From Oakland-Washington-Cinncinati)

Analysis:It Doesnt matter what Safety position he plays, he can hit and cover, so he can play SS and also as well as get into coverage so he dont have to worry, he has all the tools to become great, I know if we get him, this will probably solve our problems in the secondary. (Through Jason Campbell Trade)

Round 4: Keenan Robinson LB Texas

Analysis: We can use him on passing down and have him play in coverage, also he can play on Base defense if he can beat out the other LB's we have in camp, also he needs to clean up some issue with playing over aggressively, I think Zimmer will clean that up before we know it.

Round 5: Matt Reynolds OT BYU

Analysis: The Bengals will often get a O-line project in the late rounds, just look at Anthony Collins(4th round pick) also this pick will give us more depth on the offensive side of the ball and it will certainly give us more bodies to protect Dalton.

Round 5: Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati(From New England)

Analysis: The Bengals get a hometown product who has a high motor and wont stop until the whistle is blown, I think hes a smaller version of Justin Smith of the 49ers, he has the high motor and he hustles on every snap and he gives his all, I seen his play and he is great, he may just need to add at least 10-15 more pounds then he'll be a deadly force on the inside with Atkins and Peko.

Tell me what you guys think, I want feed backs and it will only get better if I get everyone's Opinion and reasonings

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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