We need to be realistic about "mocking" our drafts. Trent Richardson and OG DeCastro will not be there at 17........with that in mind. MY MOCK DRAFT.

1st rd (17) Janoris Jenkins 5'10 180: Lewis and Zimmer both like bigger CB but with Mike Wallace and Torre Smith and others in the division the Bengals need a corner with good speed who can flip his hips. Jenkins was hands down the best CB at the Senior Bowl. Jenkins has top 10 talent but with his dismissal at Florida this will cause him to drop but the Bengals will gladly take him because they are still hurting from the Joseph departure.

1st rd (21) Cordy Glenn 6'5 350: Simply put Glenn is a monster of a man with excellent feet for a man his size. While he played LT in the SEC he will kick inside on the next level and will start for someone day1. Glenn is not on the level of DeCastro but he is a great run blocker and will fix the Bengals LG position because we all know that Nate Livings had no reason starting for us last year. There are other OG in the draft the Bengals can go with here like Kevin Zeittler from Wisconsin who was a 1st team all- american but Mike Brown likes big offensive lineman and Cordy Glenn fits the bill to a tee.

2nd round Vontaze Burfict 6'3 250: Cincy clearly has bigger holes to fill but if Burfict is here and he should be he will be to hard to pass up. Last year Cincy had 3 LB who were high draft picks on IR. ( Rivers, Moch and Muckelroy who I really liked coming out of Texas.) Burfict is a downhill thumper who played MLB at Arizona ST but can play either the SAM or WILL for the Bengals should they decide to cut Rivers who has not played like a top 10 pick should. What Burfict does is give the defense security in case injuries hit the LB corp again in 2012.

3rd rd pick LaMichael James 5'10 195: James is not the bell cow the Bengals need to get back to smash mouth football they want to get back too. What he offers is explosive plays that Scott has not offered the past two seasons. James can even return punts and kicks should the Bengals decide to part ways with Tate who made some crucial mistakes in the latter part of the seasons.

4th rd Chris Givens 6'0 195: I know some of you are saying " who in the hell is this Givens kid" . Givens was a 1st team all ACC performer last year who has suprising speed with excellent hands. Givens is expected to run in the high 4.4 range and he can look for his draft stock to increase once the Combine and pro days begin.

5th rd Jonas Gray 5'10 230: Gray first 3 years at Notre Dame was simply put.......HORRIBLE. But Gray's last year Brian Kelly demanded more from the talented senior and he got it. Gray ripped his ACL late in the season and will not play in 2012 for anyone who drafts him but the Bengals would be smart to draft this kid and stick him on the PS becayse he could have a Frank Gore like rise once he is healthy.

The last two rounds are hit miss with these kids and no one knows if they will strike gold or if the prospect get's cut from training camp before the season even begins. Marvin Lewis can not be happy with Kevin Huber production last year. He was the 30th ranked punter in the NFL and the Bengals need better because Huber has a monster leg but is not very consistent. The top 3 punters in this draft are Bryan Anger from Cal who I really love and I think could beat Huber should the Bengals decide to open the position up. The other two are Drew Butler from Georgia and Shawn Powell who looks like a LB at 6'4 250 lbs.

Just my thoughts and I am looking for some positive and negative feedback on what everyone thinks about mu mock......................GO BENGALS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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