Who's left? (with list)

So while some people are getting all worked up, others on the site are yelling from the treetops to relax. Strange times in Cincy, as that's what one would presumably have to do in order to be a Bengals fan. But alas, all is not lost. There is still plenty of available talent, and anyone left after day 3 has taken some major lumps in terms of ego and the wallet, and they are squarely in Mike Brown territory. The Bengals could be ballers at that point with so many teams blowing their wad early. So who's left? PFT did a list of the top 100 Free Agents, that they are updating. Some notables:

The first thing that jumps out is that Manning, Flynn and Mario Williams are still out there. People could be bidding heavily for their services. Bengals aren't looking there, but with all the blown cap space, many teams who have room are trying to make a play for them.

Wallace and Webb at 4 and 6. I don't think the Bengals give up a contract and a pick to get those guys, but that's the chatter. Personally I wouldn't be thrilled about going that route since our first rounders are so close to the middle of the round as opposed to the end.

14 and 15, defensive line needs: John Abraham could be an interesting option the longer he sits out there. Certainly an upgrade if the price is right and may not demand a long term contract. Paul Solai is another interesting option.

A couple of people on the Bengals radar, Michael Bush and Grubbs coming in at 21 and 23. Bengals might not get into a bidding war with NO for Grubbs, but hopefully have the wherewithal to pull the rug out from under the Ravens if they have the opportunity to, even if they have to sink some coin into that one. Bush, I think, is a done deal with the fact that he is willing to wait until Monday to come in. A week after free agency opens is no man's land.

Anthony Collins, Eric Winston and Marcus McNeil all sitting out there. Any of those guys would make for a decent rotation. Hopefully Collins comes back.

I'm kind of surprised that A.J. Atogwe and Patt Simms are rated so low. I personally love Atogwe, and Skins fans were more upset at him leaving than Landry. He would be great if the Jets do actually land Nelson. Simms doesn't look like he'll land the contract he wants, so the Bengals probably are mounting an offer there.

Lastly, don't forget that he can't take it with him after this year. I still think things are looking good for this year and the future.

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