Unbelievably Unnacceptable!


I tried to hold my frustration in but after reading this report... I'd had it.. I have finally caved...

Mike Brown and his puppets entered Free Agency with the most cap space in the entire NFL. He needed upgrades in several positions and has failed miserably by not even attempting to get them. I understand that its not good to overspend on big names. All you have to do is see the Redskins and the Eagles of last year to know this. I'm sure Mike Brown is a firm believer in Free Agency being a fools gold. Thinking back on his history with giving big money to big free agents I understand to a point why he feels this way. Antwan Odom, L.Coles, and Antonio Bryant are just recent failures.

However there is a fine line between overspending and not attempting to upgrade your team in any way shape or form. I'm absolutely amazed at the frugality displayed by Mike Brown. He has a young successful team and he chooses to do nothing. He sits on his hands while trying to play the fiddle too. I'm not asking that he do what Tampa Bay has done and go all out. We are not in that much need. However it's UNBELIEVABLY UNNACCEPTABLE to have as much money to spend as we do, and not sign at least ONE top tier player in a position of need. On top of that he's letting our good depth players walk right out the door for NFL pocket change.

He has 200 million dollars to buy up the teams stock to gain complete dictatorship control of the franchise. He fleeced Hamilton County in every way possible to pocket more profit. He is so incompetent that damn near every SUPER STAR that has played under his management has asked to leave. Carl Pickens, Corey Dillion, Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer are undoubtedly the 4 biggest names to wear stripes while he has been in control. All of which demanded to be let go at some point because of his lack of dedication in building a winning team. Now he has a young team that is filled with key players that are on inexpensive salaries. Yet he refuses to buy a bubble that some High School teams play under. He refuses to spend money to excite a fan base that has given him and his family every cent they have. He refuses to go out and sign a player or two that will better position him to get players in the draft where his roster needs them most.

I understand this is a young league and Mike Brown has been in the league in an executive position much longer than any of us. That doesn't make up for the fact that a simple fan like my self knows that your Free Agency strategy sets up and puts you in a position to draft players you need to build a team capable of SUSTAINING success... Every team does it and everybody knows it takes a successful draft along WITH successful Free Agent signings to build a consistent competitor. The fact that this guy has been an executive in the NFL since the 70's and has not grasped this concept yet is just UNBELIEVABLY UNNACCEPTABLE.

Anyone else feel the rage I do right now? This Dumb Shit scroog, Homer Simpson looking, F!@# Stick never fails at pissing me off! It's like he knows exactly how to get under the skin of every fan of this team. It's like he purposely does or doesn't do the things he should because he doesn't like the fans. We have given him hell and now I feel like he's taken it so personal he wants to SHOW us you can't stick the big man.

Mike Brown is a self pro claimed tightrope walker that falls walking down the street.

What the F!@# is Mike Brown thinking !???!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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