Projected compensatory draft picks

The compensatory picks should be announced within the next week or so and I've put my best guess forward. There is no published formula but based on the prior research (most notably AdamJT13 who hasn't published since March 2011) there are some basic rules: (1) only UFAs signed or lost count, (2) rank is based primarily on contract average but Pro Bowl honors and games started also factor in, (3) there is a minimum contract average to qualify - except when #2 is in effect, and (4) teams are awarded picks only when the number of UFAs signed > lost. "Net Value Picks" are awarded to teams that signed as many UFAs as they lost but the contract amounts were not balanced. The total number of comp picks must equal 32 so if less picks are awarded based on the info above, the difference is awarded based on original draft order (i.e. trades don't count).

Cleveland: 4 (3 comp + 1 "rule of 32")
Green Bay: 4 (4 comp)
Minnesota: 4 (3 comp + 1 "rule of 32")
NY Jets: 3 (3 comp)
Oakland: 3 (3 comp)
Indianapolis: 2 (1 net value + 1 "rule of 32")
NY Giants: 2 (2 comp)
Atlanta: 1 (1 comp)
Baltimore: 1 (1 comp)
Buffalo: 1 (1 net value)
Carolina: 1 (1 comp)
Dallas: 1 (1 comp)
Pittsburgh: 1 (1 comp)
San Diego: 1 (1 net value)
San Francisco: 1 (1 comp)
St. Louis: 1 (1 "rule of 32")
Tampa Bay: 1 (1 "rule of 32")
Washington: 1 (1 "rule of 32")

Here are the projected picks:
Oakland 3.1 Nnamdi Asomugha
Minnesota 3.2 Sidney Rice
Oakland 4.1 Zach Miller
Minnesota 4.2 Ray Edwards
Indianapolis 4.3 Clint Sessions
Dallas 5.1 Stephen Bowen
Green Bay 5.2 Daryn Colledge
Baltimore 5.3 Dawan Landry
Green Bay 5.4 Cullen Jenkins
NY Jets 6.1 Shaun Ellis
NY Giants 6.2 Kevin Boss
NY Giants 6.3 Steve Smith
NY Jets 6.4 Brad Smith
Indianapolis 6.5 Charlie Johnson
Atlanta 6.6 Michael Koenen
Cleveland 6.7 Matt Roth
NY Jets 7.1 Drew Coleman
Oakland 7.2 Thomas Howard
Green Bay 7.3 Brandon Jackson
Pittsburgh 7.4 Matt Spaeth
Green Bay 7.5 Jason Spitz
Cleveland 7.6 Chansi Stuckey
Cleveland 7.7 Lawrence Vickers
Carolina 7.8 Jeff King
San Francisco 7.9 Travis LaBoy
Minnesota 7.10 Ben Leber
Buffalo 7.11 net value
San Diego 7.12 net value
Indianapolis 7.14 rule of 32
St. Louis 7.15 rule of 32
Minnesota 7.16 rule of 32
Cleveland 7.17 rule of 32
Tampa Bay 7.18 rule of 32
Washington 7.18 rule of 32

UPDATED 3/26: Buffalo pick adjusted for removal of Kirk Morrison as qualifying free agent (signed 8/26 which was after the cut-off period). Indy's picks adjusted to remove Kerry Collins (also signed after cut-off date).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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