The Draft I Had over at MTD

Im Totally sorry, for my horrible picks, Not any showed up to the Draft War Room!!

I personally I think i gave up too much in this draft after looking at the picks I gave up too much in 2012 started with 9 picks and and lost the 7th to Jacksonville on Reggie Nelson Trade, and I lost a 6th round in a earlier trade

Thanks to Messjunk and joe69 who helped me in the draft war room committee while everyone was worry about Free Agency.....

Round 1 Pick#17: Dre Kirkpatrick CB I was debating if I take Gilmore Kirkpatrick or Glenn, I thought about trading down, but I decided to take Kirkpatrick at #17, I didnt consider Kuechly much because i never seen him play, and i know a lot of Bengals fans wanted me to take him at #17, but I dont think we need that LB’s on the team with Rivers and Muckelroy coming back, and for Glenn Im not a huge fan of him, he’s gonna be a great player, but since we already sign a Guard in Free Agency, I think it was best to not address the G position until later, as for Gilmore, I like him a lot, but at 17 I think it was too early, the guy is good, but i havent seen him much in man to man coverage and hold his own on one on one coverage, but i really liked his zone play, which i think was a great attribute. I decided to go with Kirkpatrick because of this, he play on the field shows you that he can man up and play against bigger WR’s and can sit in either zone and play man straight up, My thinking was that if we can somehow get Kirkpatrick Opposite of Hall, thats going to be a scary duo, two man CB’s who can play on an island which will allow us to get to the QB faster just like when JJoe and Leon Hall in the earlier days.

Round 2 Pick #49: Trumaine Johnson CB/S I actually traded down from #36, because didnt have a player in my mind worth the pick so i decided to trade down and swap picks in the 3rd round, I think Johnson was a great pickup for the Bengals, a versatile player who can either play man or zone as well as both Safety positions, I think Mays will win our SS spot, but he’s have trouble in man to man coverage so Johnson will be able to fill that role and as well as be a CB for the team, I think he brings a lot to the table, can also return kicks which will be a great thing for the team. I think bulking the DB position was the best thing to do, I know our Offense need some more firepower, but in FA the Bengals did a lot to help the Offense, so I decided to go heavy on Defense since Zimmer havent had a 1st round pick in the draft during his time here, I think going Defense heavy will give Zimmer a chance to make this a #1 Defense.

Round 2 Pick #53: Brandon Thompson DT- Brandon Thompson is an underrated DT in my opinon, he gives it his all on every down he plays and I think that he will be a great fit for our D-line, I know we added more DE’s but i think Thompson is a Pure DT/NT who can play alongside Peko and Sims which will give us a scary 3 headed DT you cant double them all so its gonna be a huge problems for other teams, I decided to go DT here because Zimmer always wanted a bigger NT/DT to hold his Defense of Line upfront where he can bring in his special blitz packages or just use his front 4 to get the the passer and the front 4 will also be able to stop the run.

Round 3 Pick #69: Mitchell Schwartz OT/OG- Schwartz is a guy i think will excel in the NFL, he was a great LT in college and will be able to become a G or a T in the NFL. Just look at him, he been in a pro style system at Cal with Tedford who is a great coach, I think that getting him to play G or T will be a great success, he will also give us depth on the O-line which last year was horrible. I think he will be a great G because hes athletic and is able to move around, I think that this may bring a flashback when the Bengals O-line was the best in 05 so I think getting Schwartz here is great value.

Round 4 Pick #111: Chris Polk RB- My back-up GM Messjunk got a steal here, Chris Polk, he was projected to be a 2nd-3rd round pick and falls to the 4th where we get him is such a great Value here, our RBBC is set with the Law Firm, Human Leaping Leonard, and Pure Speed Scott, and Chris Polk, thats scary, because all these guys can do some any different things coming out of the backfield, I think this will allow Dalton to use his running game. I havent seen Polk play as much, but Bengals fan getting him in the 4th is a steal

Round 5 Pick #149: Chris Rainey WR/RB/PR/KR- Ahhh… One of my Favorite pick in this draft, I felt good about this pick. Rainey can do a lot of things which will open the defense up, we can split him out wide, and have a LB in coverage on him, which doesnt look good, a LB on a RB who runs at least a 4.3-4.4 40, but I think his best attribute is that he can line-up all over the place and give the defense a scare, and they will have to account for him on every play, also he’ll take some coverage away from Green. I think he can change a game in an instance with his skills at WR/RB as well as a KR/PR which I think will give other teams trouble and game plan for every Sunday

Round 5 Pick #159: Dale Moss WR South Dakota State- Moss is a underrated WR who i think is a steal in the 5th round, at 6’3 i think he will be able to split some time with Binns at the #2WR, I think the Bengals will have a great WR core with Binns and Moss Splitting time at #2WR because the two guys are different, Binns is more physical and is a high leaper, as for Moss he is physical and has the speed to get down the field which will be able to open the defense foe Shipley and Gresham.

Darron Thomas QB- I think we can help Thomas out a lot, we have one of the better QB coach, so I think Thomas will thrive and become a back-up to Dalton and also Thomas has game as well as an arm, reminds me a little of Josh Johnson
Tony Dye SS- Dye has been oft-injure, but we dont need him to make an impact just yet, if he fully recover, I think we have a steal here in UDFA, hes a really good SS who makes a lot of play when he was at UCLA
Trevin Wade CB- I think he gets overlook, because he dont have a lot of spotlight on him, but i think he will be a great #4CB in the League
DJ Holt LB- Holt will impress, he dont have the speed as his partner Mychal Kendricks, but he has the intelligence to diagnosed plays and make a play quickly

2013 picks
Total of 10-13 picks in 2013
So Im really Prepare for the 2013 picks

I personally give myself a C-, I think i didnt address all the needs and use the BPA method, i think i gave up a little too much in the draft in terms of the 2012 Draft, but for the future, I think I almost robbed everyone to get 10-13 picks in 2013 I think I will be able to make more moves. But im a little bit disappointed

Who Dey!!! T-Cha

Grades and feed backs will be great..

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