My Mock FA Signings & Post Combine Draft

With all the talk and rumors of who might be drafting who, and what teams will be signing who via FA. I wanted to try my best on being realistic with the Bengals FA signings, and who we should possibly draft. I will have a few different draft scenarios due to who we may possibly sign via FA. We re-sign Nelson, Rucker, Bobbie, Jones, and Lawson.

2012 Free Agency Signings - Total: $19.5 Million

1. Ben Grubbs, OG - 6'3, 310lbs - Age: 27 - I believe we pursue Grubbs as he will be cheaper than Nicks. Mike Brown never pursues the top talent available at any position. Plus, bringing in Grubbs is a plus as he is accustomed to playing in the AFC North, playing against some tough D-Lines, and practicing against guys like Ngata and Mt. Cody, and having success doing it. Offer: 5 yr at 7 million per = 35 Million

2. Robert Meachem, WR - 6'2, 214lbs - Age: 27 - Will hit the open market soon and will be a valid number two opposite A.J. Strong WR that can still run a 4.4 even with the knee injury he is coming off from last season. Can stretch the field and can make plays in the middle of the field. Offer: 3 yr at 4 million per = 12 million

3. Tracy Porter, CB - 5'11, 186 lbs - Age: 25 - I believe we will not be able to sign Finnegan or Brandon Carr as other high market teams will pursue them such as Dallas. Who knows, Mike Brown may offer one of them something similiar to J-Jo, but we would have to see if they would be interested in coming to Cincy. I say either will not, therefore, we go with Tracy Porter. Porter can come in and fight for the No. 2 spot. Plus, if Leon is not at full strength, I like the looks of Clements, Porter, and our rookie CB. Porter also has blazing speed and does a decent job covering the faster WR's. Offer: 3 yr at 3.5 million per = 10.5 million

4. Martellus Bennett, TE - 6'6, 270lbs - We have been high on Bennett for awhile. He would be a great number 2 behind Gresham and would be a nice addition to double TE formations. Offer: 3 yr at 2.5 million per = 7.5 million

2012 NFL Draft - 1st Scenario without signing FA RB.

1st (17th) - Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis - Mid 1st round projection now. This guy will instantly make the front seven better. Poe, Peko, and Atkins will demand doubles, opening it up for everyone else. Shaun Roger like specs, but only faster and stronger. TR will go to Tampa or K.C. DeCastro will go to AZ or Dallas.

1st (21st) - Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia - Instant starter that can be groomed a bit by Bobbie Williams and Grubbs. Impressive performance at the combine. Jenkins or Barron could be an option here as well.

2nd - Doug Martin, RB, Boise St - We have our future starter at RB. I believe 3 RB's go before Martin. TR, Miller, and Wilson. We waited patiently and he fell to us.

3rd - Josh Robinson, CB/KR, UCF - We have an immediate upgrade and replacement for Tate, and future starter at CB. Played well against some good WR's in college. A.J. has to be putting this name in the coaches ears. Blew up the combine in the 40 and on the bench. Very strong and stout for his size.

4th - Bruce Irvin, OLB, W. Virginia - Would add great value and depth to our injured LB corps.

5th - Antonio Allen, SS, S. Carolina - Hoping he slides here due to a "not so great" combine performance. However, Allen is a good SS that could challenge Mays to start.

5th - DeVier Posey, WR, Ohio St - Posey had a great combine and stock is rising. He had a good run at Ohio State and always making big plays. At 6'2, 211 lbs, runs a 4.4, but gave him a 4.5 at the combine. Would be a good addition to the WR corps. If Meachem's leg injury comes back to haunt him, Posey could be a good option as a number 2 WR.

6th - Donte Paige-Moss, DE/OLB, North Carolina - Suggs like Tweener here. 6th round pick...worth the experiment.

7th - Coty Sensabaugh, CB, Clemson - Good size, speed, and strength. Could surprise us as he did at the combine.

2012 NFL Draft - Scenario 2 without signing FA RB

1a. Poe, DT - TR and DeCastro will be off the board

1b. Jenkins, CB

2nd - Zeitler, OG - Doug Martin will be off the board

3rd - Jones, WR

4th - Turbin, RB

5th - Allen, SS

5th - Rainey, RB

6th - Moss, DE/OLB

7th - Sensabaugh, CB

Now, if we sign Michael Bush before the draft, it's because they know TR will not be there at 17. They know Doug Martin will not be there by the time we pick in the 2nd round, so I believe they take Pead in the 2nd. Some may feel this is a reach, however, Pead will not be there by the time we pick in the 3rd. So our backfield will look like this. Bush, Pead, Leonard, Scott. Not too bad. I see Bush and Pead getting majority of the load, and this makes Scott expendable.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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