Comprehensive FA signing list

I made a comprehensive list of almost all of our free agents, the holes they create, and how we fill them. All while getting under the salary cap. I'd love to hear your thoughts! I made guess on the rookie salary cap pool and injuries/incentives numbers.

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Key free agent signings: WR Brandon Lloyd, CB Eric Wright, ILB E.J. Henderson
Key free agent re-signings: S Reggie Nelson


Position Existing Free Agent Sign FA 2012 Cap Hit Notes
RB RB Cedric Benson 7 DRAFT R2 I'd rather not sign a RB and just draft one in R2 or R3, esp if we're to a committee approach.
3rd RB RB Cedric Peerman 3 Peerman 750,000
FB FB Chris Pressley 3 Pressley 1,250,000 RFA Tender
2nd WR WR Jerome Simpson 4 Brandon Lloyd 8,000,000 I think he could be a great #2 behind A.J. A bit pricey though.
OG OG Bobbie Williams 12 B. Williams 1,500,000 One more year…
OG OG Nate Livings 4 DRAFT R1 The draft is deep with Guards. We could find a starter even in R3.
Backup OG OG Mike McGlynn 4 Boling should be able to handle this while being groomed to take over for Bobbie.
Backup T OT Anthony Collins 4 Collins 750,000
Backup T OT Dennis Roland 4 Roland 750,000
Back up TE TE Donald Lee 9 Lee 750,000
S S Reggie Nelson 5 Nelson 5,000,000 Should be able to get him at this price
Back up S S Gibril Wilson 8 Other safeties on the roster need to step up.
CB CB Adam Jones 5 Eric Wright 6,500,000 We could go a lot of ways here. I'd love to get Carr or Finnegan, but this is the type of 2nd tier pickup that I think could happen.
Back up CB CB Kelley Jennings 6 DRAFT R1 Don't have to draft somebody to start immediately.
OLB OLB Manny Lawson 6 E.J. Henderson 4,500,000 Henderson is a bit old, but I'm souring on Maualuga. I sign a starting ILB and move Maualuga to OLB or give Rivers/Muckelroy/Moch/draft pick a shot.
Back up LB OLB Brandon Johnson 6 DRAFT
Back up LB OLB Vincent Rey 1 ??? 500,000
Back up LB OLB Dan Skuta 3 Skuta 1,250,000 RFA Tender
Back up DE DE Frostee Rucker 6 Rucker 4,000,000 I'm not sure what to do on the DL. I'd love to bring Fanene and Sims back. I never liked having a rapist like Rucker on the team, but I don't know enough about the market to know who else is out there. These guys may demand more money than what I have slotted. I'm making a guess that we target guys in this range.
Back up DE DE Jonathan Fanene 7 Fanene 3,000,000
Back up DT DT Pat Sims 4 Sims 2,500,000
Back up DT DT Nick Hayden 2 DRAFT
PK Mike Nugent 7 (franchised) 2,700,000
LS LS Clark Harris 3 ??? 750,000 He's an RFA, but I can't see us paying $1.25M for a long snapper.
Rookie Salary Cap Pool 13,000,000 Estimate
Injuries/Performance Incentives 5,000,000 Estimate
Total in Signings $62,450,000
Waive Robert Geathers -4,200,000 If we sign 2 DE's, I waive Geathers to make it all fit. We could also waive Rivers and save $2M.
Total Salary Cap $58,250,000 Potential problems with this. 1) It may be difficult to resign guys at the levels I have slotted. 2) I hear Mikey wants to save some money to sign Dalton and Green to extensions when they're eligible in 2 years. There's no roll over cash in this scenario. Of course we'll save $7.5M with Crocker and Clements coming off next year. 3) Safety and Guard are a bit shakey but might be good enough for us to get by.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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